Annette White HikingThe Hiking Park: Sugarloaf Ridge, Kenwood, CA
Total Miles of Trails: 21
Miles Competed: 4.9

Sugarloaf Ridge has a 25 foot waterfall that flourishes after the winter rains and I was determined to find it. I was hoping that seeing such a sight would make me okay with the fact that it is still cold and rainy in Northern California in late April! I selected a 5 mile hiking trail with two “opt-out” shortcuts along the way.

The Trail: Pony Gate > Bald Mountain > Lower Bald > Canyon Tail
Though this hike was a loop I made sure that the waterfall was the highlight at the end, something to look forward to. Besides, I always like to do my uphill hiking at the beginning. The first half of the hike was a fairly steep incline, thankfully there were several benches and “vista points” (AKA: catch your breath so you don’t burst a lung points) along the way. hiking sugarloaf ridgeI felt a sense of excitement as we were approaching the waterfall, hearing the running water in the background. As we rounded the corner it was as if the clouds lifted and birds sang…it was absolutely amazing. The sight of the waterfall was the perfect climax to an already gorgeous hiking adventure.

annette white hiking a waterfallWalking back to the car, I felt grateful that I was able to see such beauty by simply making a plan and venturing out. I also felt a little sad that many people would miss this opportunity because they would not make that effort.Hiking sugarloaf

Animal Count: 1 vulture, 2 squirrels, 100s of birds, dozens of lizards & 2 deer.

Where is your favorite place to go hiking?