In London, a trip to the uber-luxurious department store, Harrods, was on the agenda. But, not for the designer Givenchy handbags, Escada dresses or Yves Saint Laurent shoes. I am not label whore. I wanted the ritzy experience of perusing the shelves of the famous Harrods Food Hall. I am a food whore.

Harrods Food Hall is one of the Worlds most opulent food courts, for lack of a better word. It features a series of food halls that each boast luxury eateries and gourmet goods.
Harrods London

As I walked through a maze of lavish apparel and extravagant accessories, towards the food hall, I couldn’t help but wonder whether there would be any product there that would be deemed affordable.

This seemed even more questionable as I passed the ₤505 Bvlgari sunglasses locked in a spotless glass case. I would go nutty if I accidentally sat on those.

Upon entering the Harrods Food Hall there was a sigh of relief, oysters at only ₤1 each. Reasonable.
Fresh Oysters at Harrods Food HallFresh Oysters at Harrods Food Hall

Though the price rises dramatically if you would like the oysters shucked, prepared and you actually fancied sitting down to eat them.

The Oyster & Caviar House at Harrods Food Hall is for you with the deeper pockets. Much deeper.
Oyster House at Harrods Food Hall

Moving on and passing the pricey sushi bar along the way, a pastry case was beckoning. Ooh look, I could also afford a cherry Danish for ₤1.75.

Unshucked oysters and pastries. This meal is shaping up nicely.
Cherry Danish at Harrods Food Hall

Upon further discovery, Quail from France would only run me ₤2.95. Maybe that guy will throw in his hat as a bonus. Or at least cook it for me since I was lacking an oven at the Royal Garden Hotel.

So, now where does this Harrods Food Hall meal stand? One raw French quail, unshucked oysters and a cherry Danish. ₤5.45. At this point McDonalds is sounding slightly better, and I don’t do fast food.
French Quail at Harrods Food Hall Staff at Harrods Food Hall

The Salame al Tartufo catches my eye next and runs ₤8.75. Pricey, yet it would come with a hinged jar as a souvenir. Maybe I can grab a loaf of the fresh baked bread to slather it on.
Tartufo at Harrods Food Hall

As I looked around for something to wash down this delectable imaginary meal that I had created I saw the Harrods Limited Edition Glitterati bottled water…for ₤29.95. Seriously?

It was bedazzled, in a glass container. Could that make it taste so much better than a ₤3.20 plastic bottle of Evian?
Glitterati Water at Harrods Food Hall

In actuality I did not purchase one thing from Harrod’s Food Hall. I am cheap. We went for Bone Marrow at St. John Restaurant instead. I like my food cooked.

Though browsing through, the thousands of epicurean products temporarily filled the foodie in me.

Have you been to Harrods Food Hall? Would you ever pay ₤29.95 for the Glitterati water bottle?

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