Annette White at a Golf GameSimply said, “the golf game is complicated” On the surface it appears to be an easy and relaxing, drawing you in with it’s spacious clubhouse, green fairways and refreshing beer carts.

Yet, there is a high probability that you will end up leaving the golf game frustrated, embarassed, sunburned and slightly parched.

I had previously putted around, no pun intended, before attempting to complete a full course golf game. I even have my own set of clubs, granted they are not Pings’, but they work and have really cute sock covers for them. It was a beautiful day and I had two great friends to golf with, what could go wrong?

Annette White Playing a Golf GameLet’s just say that on more than one occassion I actually picked my ball up and threw it down the fairway knowing that it would at least stand a chance of making some significant distance.

I may have also completely missed the ball a couple of times in just one golf game…okay 7…and didn’t count it as a stroke.

To my defense, do you think they could make that damn ball any smaller? Seriously?Annette White playing golf gameEnding with a score of 132, my ego was bruised, but one more item on my bucket list was complete. Until I get lessons, I’ll settle for just driving the cart or maybe I’ll just stick to mini-golf!

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