I mocked my plans of going to see Miley Cyrus in concert…on more than one occasion. Actually, at every available opportunity. I joked about finally having the chance to learn to twerk from the master and how perfecting my tongue sticking out abilities was in order.

And then something really weird happened. I got inspired.

My best girlfriend asked me to co-chaperone a couple of sixteen year olds to this controversial concert. Having no children myself, my chaperoning skills are lacking (I sometimes need to drink wine to tolerate teens). But, It was a Monday night, I had no plans and hadn’t been to large arena concert since the Madonna Virgin Tour in 1985. It was about time.
Annette White at Miley Cyrus in Oakland, California

We arrived and were immediately surrounded by high-wasted cutoff shorts, tight crop tops and copycats of Miley’s signature double knot updo hairstyle. This all meant that I was improperly dressed in ankle length jeans, unkempt hair and a sweater that covered all my body parts.

This may have been a perfect chaperone outfit, but not so desirable twerking attire. Should a woman in her forties be twerking anyway?
Miley Cyrus Concert in Oakland, California

As the concert started and Miley Cyrus slid down a large tongue to make her entrance, I still giggled to myself. Am I really here?
Miley Cyrus Concert in Oakland, California

And I watched as the largest dog ever enveloped the stage,
Miley Cyrus Concert in Oakland, California

Miley smacked her butt while riding on top of a gold colored, hipster vehicle,
Miley Cyrus Concert in Oakland, California

and as a large, fluffy bird walked the stage while mushrooms were being projected on the big screen. During it all, she wore a sparkly bathing suit top or bottom or both. I may have had a tinge of jealously about that, since I have always said that if I could have a life do-over I would wear a bathing suit EVERYWHERE while I was in my twenties and sans cellulite. Though, forgoing the sparkles. Maybe.

At this point in the show I was willing to admit that, at the very least, it was entertaining.

I hadn’t learned how to twerk yet, but I wasn’t bored. At all. Actually, more entertained than at Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas. Gasp.
Miley Cyrus Concert in Oakland California

Then this young rebel did something admirable. She projected a large diamond ring on the screen and instructed the crowd that if the camera shone on them to kiss.

“It doesn’t matter if your a boy and girl or girl, girl or boy and boy. Just kiss and show the love.”
Kissing Cam at Miley Cyrus in Oakland

Something starting stirring in deep in my gut. Was it the pizza and nachos? Nope. I stopped for a moment to assess what I was feeling, could this really be inspiration?

Inspiration from a twenty year old wearing a marijuana leaf leotard? What the hell?

Maybe I wasn’t inspired to twerk, share an over-sized bed with a dozen people, randomly stick out my tongue, touch my crotch, wear high-waisted jeans or light a doobie. But, there was something.

There was something respectable, amidst the presumed immorality, about such a young girl turning a deaf ear to all the opinions, not apologizing for being exactly who she wants to be and sending a message to the world.

Something I strive for as a woman twice her age.

…and people were responding. Even though the news was broadcasting that parents were not allowing their children to attend, it was a completely packed house. With her twerk-filled antics and no traces of the innocent Hannah Montana it was evident that Miley has changed. She’s growing up.