I am not one of those photogenic girls who can take a random Iphone selfie and it ends up looking like a supermodels profile pic. For me, it takes a lot of effort. And hundreds of photographs.

So, when I find a decent photo of myself, I cherish it. It will become my Facebook profile pic, Twitter header and even a gravatar. It is used so long that it gets boring not only to me, but to everyone else too!

That’s where the Krome Studios app comes in.

Photo editing with the Krome App   Photograph editing with the Krome App

Photograph editing with the Krome App   Photograph editing with the Krome App

Not only do they have professional editors to make your photos shine at its best, but they can take that favorite photo of yourself and drop it into a bunch of different backgrounds. Fun!

Getting Started

It was super simple to use. I downloaded Krome Studios from the app store and got started immediately. After creating an account, the first step was to pick a photo and let the professionals know what I wanted done with it.

The beginning photograph was one I recently took while exploring Prambanan Temple in Indonesia. It’s a very rare occasion that you’ll see me in a dress, so it was perfect that Krome Studios could take me out of this setting and put me in another…and another.

A half hour later and viola, my first couple photos were done.

BEFOREAnnette White at a temple in Indonesia

Annette White using the Krome App

Annette White using the Krome App

My next photo, I simply selected the “Make me Look Great” option. Because who doesn’t want that?

Seriously, there are many occasions that I just don’t have the time to take all my photos into Lightroom for editing. So, it was nice to just have someone else do all the work for me.

BEFORE Annette While - Headshot from Guatemala

AFTERAnnette White Using the Krome App

On the next picture I chose to swap my coconut-drinking self out of the sandy beach of Arborek Village in Raja Ampat and into the #DreamyBeach chosen from the Outdoor Backgrounds in one of Krome’s lookbooks.

It is kind of dreamy.

BEFOREAnnette White in Raja Ampat, Indonesia

AFTERAnnette White Using the Krome App

For the last photograph, in honor of Halloween I wanted a spooky background that would work well for Instagram. So, I gave them a shot of me in Lake Tahoe to see what they could do. I think they successfully spook-ified me.

BEFOREAnnette White in Lake Tahoe

AFTERAnnette White using the Krome App

Even though I had the professional designers at Krome Studios swap the backgrounds on my photos, you can tell them to do as little or as much as you want — color correcting, sharpening, etc. Plus, it’s quick and saves me on valuable time. It’s definitely going to be added to my repertoire of photo editing apps.

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