I was having a serious fried food overload in San Antonio, Texas. No joke, grease was starting to seep through my pores. This was something that even a double dose of Proactiv would not cure. I was definitely going to return to California with a face full of zits, indicating that I had eaten some really bad, yet good, food.

It all started with these damn frickles (fried pickles) at Esquire Tavern. And it just went downhill from there.

It was time to turn this bus around. The next stop? Feast Restaurant in the King Williams Historic District. A mile walk from the hotel and completely worth it.
Feast Restaurant in San Antonio

If grease was oozing out of my pores, trendy decor was spewing out of Feasts walls. 

This would otherwise be a bit of overkill, but tonight it was a welcome change from cowboy hats, flag colored decor and picnic benches.
Feast Restaurant in San AntonioFeast Restaurant in San Antonio

The entire San Antonio restaurant was bathed in pure white with clear glass and plastic accents.

The stark whiteness frightened me a bit. I spill things. Especially red wine. 

The exception to the purity was a stunning, and colorful, brooch art piece. After you are done reading this, remind me to peruse the antique shops so I can hijack this creative idea.
Feast Restaurant in San Antonio

I was also happy to see the monochrome decor broken up by my prismatic meal.

The Ahi Tuna Tartar ($11) made my mouth water as soon as it was placed on the table. Then again, I am a sucker for anything “tuna poke” related and it is purely a bonus if you toss in some fresh pomegranates seeds.
Ahi Tuna Tartar at Feast

If there is farro on a menu I will order in 90% of the time. I first fell in love with this grain, an Italian staple, at Starlight Wine Bar in Sebastopol, California. And I have been stalking it ever since.

Feast was serving it with roasted butternut squash and pork tenderloin ($17).

Just ditch the meat and double up on the pseudo-risotto. Please.
Pork Tenderloin with Farro

Peter really wanted to try the foie gras with grape chutney ($17) and, since it was an offal I have not consumed, I was game.

Foie gras is duck or goose liver that is created by fattening the bird.

As of yet, I had not been a fan of any liver. I did sincerely try to love the chicken liver pate that seemed to appear on every menu in Northern Italy.

Foie gras was different. Thankfully. It was rich, creamy and mild in flavor compared to is other liver counterparts. Delicious.
Foie Gras at Feast Restaurant in San Antonio

Look mom. I cleaned my plate. Can I have dessert?

Have you every tried foie gras or other offal? Where is your favorite place to eat in San Antonio?

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