Though I had a specific plan for my birthday (A Birthday Bucket List Extravaganza), there were some funny, sweet, frightening and surprising adventures that happened as well.

1. Followed by a Creepy Man in Oakland
The scariest of my days adventures was that o
n my way to Pican Restaurant to get my birthday Po’ Boy and Whoopie Pie, a man in a older blue sports car followed me for several blocks shouting something that I couldn’t quite make out.

The insinuation was that I was a streetwalker (I would like to think a madam yielding, high-class one). Kind of flattered, I still questioned wearing the black knee-high boots.

I thought for a second about giving him a business card for my blog, in an effort to build up readership, but decided the safer option would be hiding out in the Asian Market around the corner.

2. The Asian Market
In an effort to pull a Houdini and escape my temporary stalker, I stumbled upon a huge Asian market that had all the essentials of being a foreign scavenger hunt.

I love Asian markets, minus the smell of live fish.

I could spend hours perusing the aisles, purchasing dozens of adventurous items that I have no idea what to do with. Which is what I did. You can anticipate a future weird food post.

3. Overwhelming Facebook Love
I teeter between being pro and anti Facebook every other day. I feel fortunate to be able to keep in touch easily with all my friends and the fam, but I don’t feel the need to know that Frank just woke up…had Starbucks…read the newspaper…is going to work…hates work…loves his boss…had PB&J for lunch…and so on… But, with that said, all of the birthday wishes that were sent warmed my heart and made my day happier…much happier.

4. Was Read Poetry
Just about every holiday, my stepfather and I exchange cheesy poetry as gifts. This birthday I was able to video tape his short, but funny one. I will not be posting the video only because they are all inside jokes and would probably not be so funny to you.

versace sunglasses5. Versace Sunglasses
Let me say that I am a $10 shade sort of girl. It never fails that with all the crazy adventures I participate in that I will sit on, scratch, drop or lose every pair I own. For the most part, owning expensive things just comes with too much anxiety for me to be able to truly appreciate them. But, Pete got me a gift card and said that now I can officially be a trophy wife with my overpriced shades. Please, dear Lord, I am on bended knees begging you to let these last me longer than the standard 3 weeks. 

 What sorts of adventures did you have on your last birthday?