Though “No” is one of the simplest and shortest words, for some folks (the finger is pointed straight at me) it may be one of the hardest to say. There are many ways to say no, yet many reasons say it; to avoid the appearance of being rude, fearing conflict or being afraid of missed opportunities. But, learning ways to say no is the key to securing the time you need for yourself, family and friends.

5 tactful ways to say no….

…when someone wants you to lend them money.
“I wish I could, but It’s my policy to not lend money to friends or family.”

…when a coworker wants help with a project.
“I’m in the middle of several important projects right now and I don’t feel comfortable overextending myself.”

….when a friend wants you to attend an engagement of some sort.
“Sounds tempting, but the date doesn’t work with my calendar. Let me know how it goes.”

…when you are asked to volunteer at your childrens school.
“I hope it doesn’t disappoint you, but  I have several other commitments that are going to prevent me from volunteering this year.”

…when the dinner party host tries forcing more food on your plate.
“everything was so delicious, but I don’t have room for another bite. I would be happy to take leftovers home if they are available.”

How many other tactful ways to say no can you think of?

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