I like a lot of things on a stick; suckers with tootsie roll centers, the old-school creamsicles from the ice cream truck and even those little cake pops at Starbucks. However, I do draw the line at corn dogs from Hot Dog on a Stick. I could never get past watching the poor girls pump out lemonade in their corny striped outfits. I wasn’t quite sure where eating Octopus pops would fit into my “on a stick” fetish. It could go either way.

Happy hour was a necessity in Las Vegas. Not only because we spent way too much money on dinner at Nobhill Tavern the night before, but also because they are the perfect excuse to drink before 5:00.

We decided to give Michael Mina more of our money by getting our cheap afternoon eats at his restaurant SEABLUE. The decision was made quickly after reading the short, but sweet happy hour menu out front.

$5 Happy Hour with hoity-toity food on a stick? Sounds Perfect.
 seablue bar in las vegas

The menu was small, but creative. Everything was $5. Even select glasses of wine. Getting anything in Vegas for five bucks is quite a feat, so I wasn’t about to pass this up.

We opted for the two menu items that were on a stick. Go figure.
seablue happy hour menu

The octopops came to the table well grilled, yet with their little suction cups still intact. I thought about pressing it on the window to see if it would stick. I refrained.

The way many people feel about the squid tentacles in their fried calamari was my initial reactions to having to eat octopus. Eeww!
eating octopus pops

Peter and I both took the tiniest bite of tester octopops. The first thing to hit my taste buds was the strong charred flavor, it masked any sort of fishy taste this may have had. The next sensation was the chewy texture, very similar to squid. Deep fry it and I may be eating octopus again.
eating octopus Annette Whiteeating octopus

We also had crispy chicken as a chaser. On a stick. Are you sensing the theme here?
crispy chicken on a stick

What’s your favorite food on a stick? Have you ever tried eating octopus?

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