Drink the Official Wine of the Kentucky Derby

Of course attending the Kentucky Derby while wearing a really large, fabulous hat is on my bucket list. Even though that hasn’t happened just yet there was something kind of close that did. Well…maybe not that close, but at least vaguely related. Sometimes, it’s all about the baby steps and that’s the case with the experience of tasting the official wine of the Kentucky derby at the vineyard that creates it.

The official wine of the Kentucky Derby for the past 9 years is made by  Equus Run Vineyards in Lexington, Kentucky.  And I’m going to drink it.

Equus Run Lexington Kentucky

Nestled in the central Kentucky’s Bluegrass Region, in the mist of a picturesque green pasture, you will find a winery with an impeccably manicured lane and pretty vines all in a row. Maybe I could wear a big hat here.

We arrived to the lush grounds and sat on the outdoor patio for our tasting. Though there were other interesting varietals on the menu, the Derby Chardonnay immediately caught my eye. Who doesn’t want to taste the wine they serve at such a prestigious event? Even if there isn’t a pony in sight, I do.

Equus Run Lexington Kentucky

The Chardonnay was mixed with a little Riesling, which gave its uncharacteristic slight sweetness on the finish. I wondered how many big brimmed hat ladies had sipped this same wine? And when would I be one of them?

There was also a red wine dedicated to the horse race, the derby merlot. And though I wasn’t able to taste it on premise I took a bottle of merlot home to share with Peter. He likes wine almost as much as me.

Maybe we will get all dressed up, him in a derby, me in a fascinator or Dolly Varden hat as we sip our merlot and squint our eyes at the television while watching the Kentucky Derby and pretending we are at the prestigious Churchill Downs. Just maybe.

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  1. There is something alluring about being a part of the Kentucky Derby in anyw way possible, isn’t there? I hope you got to see horses while you were in Lexington. Or maybe you can take your Derby wine to a horse farm somewhere else and don your hat. ;)


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