Create a Masterpiece at a Paint Party

When I am not traveling, one day a week my husband and I try to spend quality time together doing something close to our Northern California home. This date day, affectionately referred to as Wednesday Funday, typically includes a new experience and a check off my bucket list. What a big surprise. On this particular Wednesday, we would be going to a painting party at a PaintNite event in San Francisco. It would be an evening that mixes a creative class with tasty cocktails.

How romantic.

Paint Party San Francisco

Peter is actually incredibly artistic, his sketching skills are beyond impressive and he can even freehand superb chalk art murals. He was born with natural ability.

Me? Not so much. 

In college I took a figure drawing class, the kind where a naked model poses, and it took a half dozen lessons to get over the shock of the nude man standing in front of me. I could blame my lack of drawing ability on that shock, but that would just be a lie. 

I am an expert at doodles and stick figures.

The PaintNite classes were a new addition to the ‘ fun things to do’ scene, where everyone in attendance paints the same picture, guided step-by-step by an instructor. 

The BEST part: You can drink cocktails while you do it because the events are held at different bars and restaurants around the world. Alcoholic beverages will surely enhance my creative ability.

Bucket List: Go to a Paint Party in San Francisco

The location, instructor and paintings change every event, tonight we would be recreating an Asian tree and bridge scene. The sample of finished product being displayed looked easy enough.

Hopefully, looks would not be deceiving.

We arrived at CDXX restaurant as the blank canvases were being set up by our teacher. There was just enough time to order our first round of drinks, a good start to the evening. 

We were each given two paint brushes and three different colors to use for our masterpiece. A limited amount of tools, but enough to get the job done.

Time to paint.

The instructor guided us every step of the way using her empty canvas at the front of class, encouraging us to use our own creativity too.

Of course, Peter and his natural talent excelled at every step. His trees were more realistic, his colors richer and leaves fuller. Damn him. My trees looked like fat fingers and the foliage on them was sparse. 

Luckily, this wasn’t a competition. It was date night.

Things to do in San Francisco: Paint Party

No matter what the skill level was of each artist, there was laughter throughout the room for the entire evening.

People were comparing their pieces of art, indulging in the flowing wine and sharing in a unique experience. All the makings of memorable evening.

Paint Party paintings in San Francisco

The best part was that at the end of the night two paintings were alike, each was an individual interpretation of the example piece. There was no good or bad, just different.

We had all created our own masterpiece.

At home, we only had one frame that would fit our art. Whose piece would get the coveted spot? It has become a running game as to whose masterpiece will be featured on the shelf. The most persistent one wins everyday.

Paint Nite | Website

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  1. Having bucket lists and all in the paint party is really creative. Ah! You made me go crazy for once. I wonder how many such ideas you could implement in future parties. Please share in future too. What the fuss about CDXX Restaurant?

  2. Thanks for blog sharing to travels news update for best budgets in bucket lists journey at a paint celebrations news.

  3. Paint parties are so fun! Especially with your best friends and a nice bottle of wine. My girls and I had a total blast at one over the weekend.


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