This post is part of My 40th Birthday Bucket List Extravaganza day.

On a whim, Kelly Hildebrandt contacted someone on Facebook with her same name, began a long distance courtship and they ended up getting married. What a romantic story to tell the grandchildren! Ever since hearing this I too wanted to contact someone with my own name. Get your mind out of the gutter, I’m aware that I’m already married and I’m not searching for future mates. I just thought it would be fun to have some correspondence with a fellow Annette White.

I turned to Facebook and had a whopping 5 choices. I selected someone who appeared to be in my age range and wrote her this note: “Hello, I realize that this is odd, but I have a bucket list and on it is ‘contact someone with your own name’, so i turned to Facebook for help in the search. Now I can check this one off my life list! You can see my list here”

I still have had no response, but maybe that Annette thinks this Annette is weird and wants to have nothing to do with her! That’s fine by me because I just accomplished one more goal on my bucket list journey!

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