Confessions of a Hotel Soap Stealer

I have stayed at many hotels during my travels. Some of them 5-star, most of them not. It makes no difference, I don’t discriminate, I steal the hotel soap…and the shampoo…and the conditioner. I just can’t bear the thought of my leftover shampoo going to waste. Or not adding those cute little containers to my collection. I have mentioned that I am cheap frugal just a few hundred times within this blog.

While I am amidst a confession, I may as well tell you that I also have a couple of sewing kits. And one shoe shine tin.

I wanted to know if I was a legitimate, lock-me-in-handcuffs thief, so I Googled.

It turns out that there are a few different schools of thought on taking hotel soap;

  • 1. They want you to take it because it’s advertising (this ones my favorite)
  • 2. It’s part of your room rate, so whatever you want to do with it is your business
  • 3. It’s downright thievery.

One gentlemen had a very convincing argument claiming that it wouldn’t be considered acceptable to open and use the product if it was considered stealing to take the unopened product. Though, most do agree that it is not okay to request or take off the housekeepers cart any extra products just so you can bring them home. For the record, I have never done that. Not even once. Nope.

What do you think? Is the hotel soap part of your room rate? Or is it just plain stealing?

18 thoughts on “Confessions of a Hotel Soap Stealer”

  1. I wouldnt ever think it was stealing. I agree, if you go out of your way to take EXTRAS off the housekeeping cart thats different but the ones they put in your room are YOURS, thats why they're there whether you choose to use them there, at home or plaster them to your scrapbook is up to you. Hotels cost enough the least they can do is give you mini size toiletries which yes, even advertise themselves! 

  2. I've worked in a few hotels and resorts (front desk/concierge) and in general housekeeping throws the soaps out whether they've been used or not, so might as well take them!

  3. Interesting thought, personally i haven't taken any soap, or whatever, i usually take my soap/shampoo/toothpaste etc. from home while traveling. I don't want to use a brand of soap that does not suits me, or worse, gives me allergy.

    I will never consider taking soap as an illegal activity though, but if it bothers you then here is a suggestion, – "why not ask them before taking?" … i know it sounds cheap, and the more i think about it, the more cheap is sounds, but if you can take it, you can ask it too?

    Tell them you have got this habit of stealing collecting soap boxes as a hobby, you take them as souveners… so if it is all right with the hotel rules, you would like to steal.. er. take it?

  4. Definitely part of the room rate – if you can find it. So many hotels now are putting those body wash dispensers on the wall and telling you to use that for everything. Ick!

  5. I have friends that have a huge mason jar filled with stolen goods for their guest to use.  I'm starting a collection to do the same.

  6. Well… I figure if you don't use it you might as well take it… But my hair is so long that unless I steal the entire supply closet those little bottles aren't going to do me much good. But I take them anyways. And use them as hand soap for public restrooms. 


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