We have all attended the all-too-familiar company Christmas party; witnessed the unexpected hook-ups, gawked at management who drank way too much and reluctantly watched as the boss tried to do the Funky Chicken while wearing a Santa hat.
You know the type of shindig that your coworkers will be gossiping about until next year. In my experience, employee parties in the restaurant industry have proven to be acceptably 100 times more outrageous.

The best company Christmas party I attended was when the company I worked for took the office staff to Las Vegas for our holiday party (I know…great company!). They put us up at the hip Palms Hotel, gave us each $200 to gamble with, sported a very late dinner at N9ne Steakhouse, had cocktail hour in the Real World Suite and booked a private booth at Moon Nightclub. I’m beginning to wonder why I quit my job there?

We were having dinner, (where I intentially ordered the most expensive item on the menu) when I noticed that at the table next to us was MTV’s Rob & Big. Rob is a professional skate boarder who started a reality show on MTV with Big, his friend/bodyguard. Yes…this is using the term “famous” loosely! But, I am slightly ashamed to admit that I was starstruck just like a tween meeting Miley Cyrus. The first half of my meal I contemplated going over to get a picture, making sure they were not turning other fans away. By dessert I couldn’t resist asking for the photo op, the probability of having another chance was slim! I can still hear Rob saying, “Let’s do it”, when I asked.

After dinner my coworkers & I headed to over to Moon Nightclub  to finish the cocktail buzz we had started. We were escorted to our private booth, which was rumored to cost $1500 per night.  What a great company Christmas party. Should I ask for my job back? Hello…Is that Rob & Big dancing at the booth in front of ours? Uh huh…Oh Yeah…Holler! I was doing my best boogie on the dance floor when a
friend of the stars invited me to join them. This is where the story should get really exciting, but actually turns out to be a dud. The “stars” friends were just looking for the “hook-up”, not my cup of tea (or shot of Vodka). I took my free beverage, this girl never turns down a free drink, and went back to the dance floor to get my groove on.

If it is more impressive, Andre Agassi was having drinks at the restaurants bar and I saw Adam Sandler with Kevin James in the Rolex store. Damn…you gotta love travel to Vegas!

Just when I thought my story was going to be the hit at the companies early morning breakfast, turns out not as good as the 18 year old server sleeping with the 40 year old general manager.

Have you been to a memorable company Christmas party?

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