11 Unique Christmas Gifts for the Bucket Lister

Finding perfect Christmas gifts for a person who lives by their Bucket List has never been easier. Help them live their dreams and accomplish their goals with these bucket list gift ideas.

Bucket List Gift Ideas

Run a Marathon
1. The Stick
The stick is a self-massaging tool to relieve aching muscles and tough knots. Some marathon runners claim to never run a race without it.

Start an Herb Garden
2. The AeroGarden
The edible of the unique Christmas Gifts list! There is nothing like being able to use fresh herbs when you are cooking a meal. The Aerogarden will produce your garden year round and comes will everything you need to start growing today.

Write a Book
3. The Magic of Writing
There is a story in all of us just waiting to get out. No more excuses, get started on writing your novel today.

Create Your Own Cocktail
4. Pro Bartender Set
The Pro Bartender Set contains everything you need to be a mixologist and create your own cocktail. Just pace yourself!

Visit Every Country
5. Initial It! Luggage Tag
Any traveler would love one of these Christmas gifts. Traveling the world means many hours at the carousal waiting for your luggage to arrive. Make it easier to identify with these initialed luggage tags.

Start Fire Without Matches
6. Emergency Fire Starter
Using a fire starter may be cheating if you plan on completing this goal, but technically it’s not matches!

Throw a Dart at a Map & Travel Where it Lands
7. World Executive Map & Darts
There is no bigger adventure that spontaneously traveling to an unknown land. These Christmas gifts will make a dream come true. Go ahead…throw the dart.

Learn an Instrument
8. Starcaster Fender Guitar
There is still time for the rockstar in you to make an appearance.
Read a Banned Book
9. Grapes of Wrath
The Grapes of Wrath was banned because the language was considered obscene and some regarded it as Communist propaganda. But, it was also awarded the Pulitzer Prize and Nobel Prize for Literature.

Send a Message in a Bottle
10. uncommon kit
Write down your deep secrets and send them far away for someone else to find. Or just write a silly message with your email and see who finds it. This is one of the Christmas gifts that is great for the bucket list lover and beyond.

Learn a New Language
11. Rosetta Stone
Italian, Spanish or French? Learn one or them all and then put your skills to use in the country of your choice.

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4 thoughts on “11 Unique Christmas Gifts for the Bucket Lister”

  1. I agree with Miranda!  Awesome list!  (I wish I had thought of it! :)
    A lot of runners in my group swore by the stick but I never tried it.  I may have to get the fire starter kit and the message in the bottle kit-so cute!

  2. Dang, what a great idea!  You're a genius!  I see quite a few things on that list that I'd love to find underneath my tree.  My dad gave me a copy of Rosetta Stone, although I prefer Pimsleur, it is still a good program.

  3. What I want to say has already been said but it's worth it: Great list! Definitely a great idea you have here and hope you don't mind that I cross post this on my blog as well.
    Personally I'd love to see more like this. I think it helps people give much more personal gifts for any occasion. :)


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