Meal at Mrs. Wilkes

A Southern Food Dining Experience at Mrs. Wilkes

Eat Southern food and devour collard greens, okra gumbo, black-eyed peas, biscuits, fried chicken, cream corn and…

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Green Palm Inn

Sleep in a Haunted Hotel in Savannah Georgia

The Dresser Palmer House is part of Savannah Inns, a foursome of truly Southern Hospitality Bed &…

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Ramen at Star Noodle

Off the Beaten Path Restaurants in Lahaina, Maui

The following three restaurants in the town of Lahaina were off the beaten path and are not…

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Annette White at Monjuic Fountain

Barcelona’s Magic Fountain of Montjuic Show

The Magic Fountain of Montjuic is found on a famous hill in Barcelona. It is an impressive…

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Maui Pineapples

Maui Gold Pineapple Tour in Hali’imaile, Hawaii

The pineapple planters were out in the field in Hali'imaile today, giving life to a whopping 31,000…

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Shop at La Boqueria with Annette

La Boqueria Market in Barcelona: The Best Food Market Near Ramblas

La Boqueria Market is a well-known Catalan foodie haven in Barcelona; a mixture of delicious colors, smells…

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Oysters at Hog Island

Spend An Afternoon at Hog Island Oyster Farm in Tomales Bay

Hog Island Oyster Co. in Tomales Bay been raising premium quality oysters since 1983 and the Farm…

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Annette White Swimming with Turtles in Maui

Search for Sea Turtles & Sharks in Olowalu

Olowalu is just five minutes South of Lahaina in West Maui and known for sea turtles. The…

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Paella at Cook & Taste in Barcelona

Best Cooking Class in Barcelona, Spain

Paella is a Spanish rice dish that can include a variety of fish or meats. Saffron is…

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Fish Pedicure in Sitges, Spain

Get a Fish Pedicure in Sitges, Spain

Fish pedicures remove the dead skin form the feet and make them silky smooth, a technique that…

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