Glazed Duck at a Hawker Center in Singapore

Have Lunch at a Hawker Center in Singapore

Singapore Hawker Centers are food markets that house a variety of stalls featuring inexpensive Southeast Asian food.…

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Banh Cuon (Rolled Cake)

Eat Worm Cakes (& Other Vietnamese Street Food) in Hanoi

Hanoi was known for it's plethora of Vietnamese street food and I wanted to try it all.…

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A view of the stairs in Sigiriya

Climb to the Peak of Sigiriya Rock in Sri Lanka

Sigiriya is an ancient palace, built in 480AD, located in the central Matale District of Sri Lanka.…

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Gonpachi restaurant in tokyo

Eat at Tokyo’s ‘Kill Bill’ Inspiration Restaurant

Gonpachi restaurant, in the Roppongi district of Tokyo, was the inspiration for the famous bloody massacre scene…

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Kimono Fitting

Do a Kimono Fitting in Tokyo, Japan

While traveling Tokyo we saw several ladies and gentlemen donning traditional Japanese kimonos which inspired me to…

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Making Sushi is a top thing to do in tokyo

Learn to Make Sushi From a Local in Tokyo, Japan

Learning how to make Japanese sushi would be done in the private home of a Tokyo native…

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Insect Museum in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Tour an Insect Museum in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Discreetly positioned on one of the streets in the Chiang Mai city center, there was a dimly…

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Tokyo Sumo Stable

Watch Wrestling Practice at a Sumo Stable in Japan

We stood outside of a sumo stable in the Ryogoku district of Tokyo, where wrestlers practice and…

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Alcatraz ER

What You Need to Know About Tokyo’s Alcatraz ER Restaurant

Tokyo is known for weird themed restaurants, and Alcatraz ER in Shibuya is one of them. The…

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Japanese Tea Ceremony at Happo-en

Participate in a Japanese Tea Ceremony

Happo-en Japanese Garden in Tokyo and is an exquisite example of natural beauty and here you can…

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