I have only stayed at one other 5-star hotel before in my life, The Peninsula in Chicago, and they put chocolate on my pillow. Not the cheap kind, but the really good stuff with a high quantity of cocoa butter. The best part was that my ex-company footed the bill…score. I was dreaming of chocolate covered pillows when I decided to stay at THEhotel Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

I walked down the shiniest hallway towards the reception and had to wonder what type of polish they could possibly be using. And do they sell it at the gift shop?

This thought provoking piece of artwork greeted us at the reception desk and that’s when I knew this stay was going to be good. Not only were the floors gleaming, but the the art was just plain cool.
hallway at thehotel mandalayartwork at thehotel mandalay

“Every room is a suite at THEhotel Mandalay.” The sweetest words I had heard that day.

Room one, the living space, was almost too impeccable to sit in. But, that lasted about two minutes before I plopped my butt down on the couch and turned on the tube. I adore my home and typically can’t wait to get back from my travels to get comfy in my familiar haven. But, I could live here. Possibly just in this room.
thehotel mandalay suite

The bedroom at theHotel Mandalay didn’t disappoint either with its king size bed, second television (there was a third in the bathroom) and loungy chairs that beckoned a fluffy robe and good book.

It was 32 hours before we realized that there was a second bathroom near the entry door. Duh!
thehotel mandalay suitebathroom at thehotel mandalay

I believe I have made it clear how I feel about hotel toiletries. Love them. But, I have never encountered a home-away-from-home with a complimentary shoe polisher. Hmm. I think my shoes are looking a little dirty right now.
bathroom at thehotel mandalay

The only thing missing at theHotel Mandalay? The chocolate.

What’s the best hotel you have stayed at? Did they put chocolate on your pillow?

Disclosure: I received absolutely no discount for staying at THEhotel Mandalay, I just really, really liked it.