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When it comes to traveling there are many different modes of transport you can use, and throughout Australia, you can take planes, boats, trains and buses to get wherever it is you want to visit. However, campervan hire in Australia is on the rise and there are some pretty good reasons for this. Every year travelers from all over the world contact a campervan hire company in Australia and set off on a completely different kind of holiday, and here are some of the main benefits of doing so.

No waiting around

Organized tours can be great fun, don’t get us wrong, but if you’re not into that, or want to go at your own pace – exploring when you want, where you want, without a set timetable, or worse, waiting for people to get back from the rest stop (lets face it, there’s always one who’s late for every departure) then getting your own RV or a campervan hire in Australia really are two best decisions you’ll ever make. It’s your journey, so you can choose when to take your time, and when to head off to the next stop on your self- planned journey. Free from restrictions of time, you might even find places off the beaten track that you’d never have discovered on an organized tour.

Tickets and delays are a thing of the past
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Negotiating your way around an unfamiliar place is something that can be tricky. Negotiating your way around an unfamiliar network of local transport links can be even harder. You’ve got to get the right tickets, find the right stop, or platform, and then know where you’re supposed to be getting on and off to get to where you want to go. With a campervan hire in Australia, and a map, you can certainly avoid the annoyance of having to purchase tickets for every destination, and you’re far less likely to get lost either. Let’s face it; the Aussies are mostly friendly, and asking directions can be a pleasure – so if you do get lost, then it’s not such a bad thing – you may even make a new friend!

Hotels? No thanks

If you’re not the sort of person that needs to sleep in a “real bed” every night, then a campervan can save you a ton of money when it comes to accommodation. Even if you’re a bit fussy about your bed, you’re likely to find that modern campervan hire in Australia is more comfortable than it ever was previously and you’ll be carrying around home comforts with you whilst you travel, so you don’t have to worry about the hassle that comes with a hotel, particularly if your journey has more than a couple of stops. You will find you actually have just as many luxuries in a camper as you would in a hotel. You will be able to keep your fridge, TV and all other appliances running all night long! Another perk is that you won’t have to pack up and unpack at every destination. You won’t have to wait to check in and out, and more importantly, you won’t have to pay for a hotel room! Couldn’t be better. Do be aware though, that you have to park in designated places, and some charge more than others, so make sure you’ve researched this before you travel!

You can see more
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Exploring and discovering is something you can only do with a campervan hire in Australia, to get around to seeing more places that are perhaps not listed on most tour guides schedules, but are still worth visiting. Secluded coves, beautiful countryside and great places to eat and drink are dotted about Australia, and you can bet your life you’ll see a lot more of them if you travel your way, with just a map and a well stocked campervan to get you there. What are you waiting for? There’s plenty to explore!

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