Annette White bucket list zip liningAfter many years of writing at Bucket List Journey, sometimes you need to revisit your older posts to see where you have been, know how you arrived at where you are and make a plan for where you are going. At times these posts may have been forgotten, but are worth remembering because they have helped create the memorable adventure journal of Bucket List Journey.

1. My First Post
My first post was “Bucket List Item #1 Learn Italian”. All I can say is be kind and remember that this was my FIRST somewhat pathetic post! It’s funny to me that, at the time, I felt that I had a clear direction of what I wanted my blog to be. Now, what it has morphed into is so much more amazing than that!

2. The Post I Enjoyed Writing the Most
Easy peasy lemon squezzy! That’s not the name of the post, just an indication that I didn’t have to put any thought into my choice. On my 40th birthday I wrote the post “Write a Letter to your Future Self”, it is a beautiful letter about exactly how I felt at that point in my life. Reading it always puts a tear in my eye and I am determined to write a letter on every birthday.

3. My Most Rewarding Post
Last Christmas, my husband and I organized a toy drive at our restaurant where we collected 108 toys for Toys for Tots. I wrote the post “Donate Toys at the Holidays” in hopes of inspiring others to add this goal to their bucket lists.

4. A Post on Someone Else’s Blog That I Wish I Had Written
Ramblings of a Woman wrote an inspiring post called “Someday is a Dangerous Word”. It epitomizes what the Bucket List is all about, changing the word “someday” to “now”.

5. A Post I Can’t Wait to Write
I can’t wait to write a post about how I am in the Guinness Book of World Records for doing something crazily wonderful!

6. A Post that I Wish More People Read
“16 Ways to Stay Motivated” is a post that most goal oriented people would benefit from. I have to read it from time to time in order to give my motivation a kick in the butt!

7. My Most Visited Post
I wrote the post “Ride a Zip Line” after going to Costa Rica and checking this item off my bucket list.