I am used to being embarrassed because I am crappy at a lot of things; singing outside of the shower, keeping a game face during poker, remembering peoples names, clearing a table without breaking something and, just newly discovered, hula hooping. This list is the severely abridged version of stuff I will most-likely never become a master of, but the one thing that I am not so lousy at is…trying.

“The rate at which a person can mature is directly proportional to the embarrassment he can tolerate.” Douglas Engelbart

I hardly ever do things right the first time around, as a matter of fact, I mostly do it wrong…for a long, painful while. But, I am not afraid to make a complete jackass out of myself because being embarrassed rocks for these reasons:

1. You Learn. When you fail at something you gain valuable experience about how to improve. Being embarrassed promotes learning.

2. Promotes Passion. If you are looking for your passion (which you should be) there will be many failures and embarrassments along the way. If you don’t try everything, finding your passion will be a shot in the dark. Being embarrassed promotes passion.

3. Creates Camaraderie. People idolize the seemingly  “perfect” people, but they are true friends with people who aren’t afraid to show vulnerability and have fun.

4. Being embarrassed Improves Laughter. I have never had more “gonna-pee-my-pants-laughing” experiences than when I am poking fun at myself.

5. Inspires. Being able to show people you are not afraid of your failures will inspire them to try something new.

When was he last time you remember being embarrassed?