Create a Room You Love

Haven’t you always wanted one of those rooms that serves so many purposes and fulfills so many needs that you swear you could live your entire life in it? When I think back at all the time I have spent in this living room it brings me comfort, joy and hope. Weird, right? Read on…

In this room I have given my husband some of his most favorite gifts, I have had some of the most intimate conversations with friends and I have cried myself to sleep. In this room I have written my list of dreams, contemplated my future and played the best game of Scrabble. In this room I have warmed my frozen toes by the fire, braided my nieces hair and found my first Arizona cockroach.

Each possession in this room also has a story to tell; the Anne Rice book that I waited in line for 3 hours to be signed, the gorgeous end table that was left to us by Pete’s grandmother when she passed on and the coffee table that took us 6 months to pick out.

This room exemplifies what makes a house, a home and that’s what makes it my favorite.

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