Tag…I’m it. Hostelbookers has created this fun travel round up and 50+ and on the Run has said it is time for me to join the party. I put on my best dress for this shindig, and poured myself a large glass of wine, while I sifted through thousands of travel photos to come up with my favorite seven that fit into the categories listed. Let the celebration begin. Here are my super photos from around the World.

1. A Photo That Takes My Breath Away
Tulum Mayan Ruins, Mexico

While touring the Mayan Ruins of Tulum, there were a dozen views that took my breath away. But, none more than this one of the bluest water I have ever seen.
The Mayan Ruins of Tulum Beach

2. A Photo That Makes Me Laugh Or Smile
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Number dos of my photos from around the World is this darling little girl who loved having her photo taken and has the sweetest smile. I absolutely adore that her toes are curling into the end of her flip flop.
Girl in Puerto Vallarta

3. A Photo That Makes Me Dream
Arenal, Costa Rica

On the way to Arenal we stopped on the side of the road and peeked through the pushes to unveil this Costa Rican home. It makes me dream of a simpler life, with the rain forest as my backyard.
Photos from around the world at Costa Rica

4. A Photo That Makes Me Think
Holy Cross Chapel, Sedona, Arizona

This photo brings back all the wonderful memories I have of my grandmother. Each lit candle, also makes me think of all the loved ones people have lost.
Sedonas Church in the Rock

5. A Photo That Makes My Mouth Water
Salumi, Seattle, Washington

My mouth is watering as I write this one of the photos from around the world. This porky meatball sandwich was made at Salumi, owned by Mario Batali’s father. And it’s official, Papa Batali makes the best meatballs.
Mario Batali Meatball Sandwich at Salumi in Seattle

6. A Photo That Tells A Story
San Francisco, California

This photo could tell a hundred different stories, and I’ll probably never know which one is correct. But, my tale is that these pretty ladies are full of life while exploring San Francisco. They all daringly chose to hang off the outside of the cable car to get the best experience.
Nuns riding a cable car in San Francisco

7. A Photo That I Am Most Proud Of
Orvieto, Northern Italy

And last, but not least, of photos from around the World is….
I just love this photo for the faded, hilly background, the towering cyprus trees and the fact that it is the epitome of Tuscany.

Which travel picture is your favorite from these photos from around the World?