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Recipe #3: Ricotta Gnocchi

AAAh…Gnocchi, the ultimate Italian comfort food, smother them in a creamy pesto sauce and I’m a happy woman. The word “Gnocchi” translates to potato dumplings, but what they really are is tiny pillows of pure delight. When prepared properly, they should melt in your mouth, not being too “doughy” or hard. The recipe seems simple, but the technique…not so much. The new kid on the block is the “Ricotta Gnocchi”, I’ve seen them popping up on numerous, trendy restaurants menus. Hey, I want to be trendy, so I gave these a shot. The process was 10 times easier than making its inferior cousin, no boiling, peeling or mashing potatoes. The texture was similar, but definitely has been more consistent. To top it all off they truly do melt in your mouth every time!  We have now switched the Gnocchi Pestorecipe at our restaurant and have received so many compliments without anyone knowing what we changed (Thanks A16!).

1. Once your dough is ready, make your gnocchi right away or else it gets sticky.
2. To store, prior to cooking, lay flat on a floured sheet pan and freeze. Once frozen they can be transferred to a plastic tub.
3. You can roll your gnocchi on the tines of a fork to create pockets to better trap the sauce.
4. When cooking, add the gnocchi to boiling water or they will turn to mush.

The smaller forms of gnocchi are called gnocchetti.

Gnocchi BoardGnocchi Board, wooden board for rolling your gnocchi, creates grooves to better hold your delicious sauce.

A16 CookBookA16: Food + Wine, a cookbook devoted to southern Italy’s rustic cuisine. Recipes include: Minestra Maritata, Bucatini with Oven-Dried Tomatoes, Chiles & Bottarga, Lamb & Ricotta Crespelle with Tomato & Pecorino and Chocolate Budino Tartlets with Sea Salt & Olive Oil.