These tourists try to visit the exact places they saw in their favorite movies and attempt to capture the same shot as they saw in the cinema. And today I am going to share five places in the world! They are not only famous because they are so beautiful, but also because we can totally see that in some cinematic pieces! So, without any further ado – here they are!

Maya Bay in Thailand

1. Maya Bay in Thailand

If you are a Leonardo Di Caprio fan, you probably seen a movie called the “The Beach.” In fact, that beautiful beach exists, and you can totally visit it every time you wish for because it is in Thailand! Incredible, stunning, and breathtaking, this beach is totally worth to visit and get a few perfect shots. But take notice, that you are not the only fan of Leo, and this beautiful beach is very crowded during the bigger part of the year.

ZhangJiaJie National Forest in China

2. ZhangJiaJie National Forest in China

Well, this place wasn’t really in the movie I am going to mention soon, but it was great inspiration for sure. If you have seen a super famous movie “Avatar” you probably remember those fabulous floating mountains, right? Well, these flying giants were directly inspired by this national forest in China, and you can totally visit it too! This forest is full of tall and slim mountains that are usually surrounded by mist or clouds creating a floating look David Cameron loved. So, if you wish to travel to Pandora, but can’t afford the ticket to another planet – you can always save a little bit and visit China instead.

Gloucester Cathedral in the United Kingdom

3. Gloucester Cathedral in the United Kingdom

All Harry Potter fans take notice! Gloucester Cathedral was one of the destinations there most of the Harry Potter series were filmed, and you are totally welcome here! Moreover, you can always get into an exclusive tour during your stay in the UK and visit all the filming spots of this legendary franchise. What can be a better way to embrace your inner magician than walk down the same room as your hero?

Kauai Island Hawaii
jeremy hall

4. Kauai Island in Hawaii

Another excellent place worth to visit if you are Jurassic Park fan is in Hawaii, and that is the island called Kauai. In the original Jurassic Park 1993 film, most of the movie locations were on shot on this small island. And now you can visit it as much as you want too. Who knows, maybe you will find ruins of this famous park or meet some dinosaurs as well!

angkor wat in cambodia

5. Angkor Wat in Cambodia

And finally, if you ever seen the national flag of Cambodia you probably noticed the temple in it. That temple is called Angkor Wat, and the famous action movie about Lara Croft with Angeline Jolie was filmed here! This ancient temple is not only a national symbol but also one of the most beautiful and mysterious places in the whole region. And you can surely visit the exact places you have seen in the movie.

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