Hello, my name is Annette and I am a Bucket List Stalker. When you are not looking, I am getting inspired, stealing goals and being entertained by other people’s list of things to do before they die. I have spent countless hours of sleepless nights scouring bucket lists and have come up with my favorites. Now you can stalk them too.

  1. 2 Words: Become Better – a website that aims to inspire the world on person at a time, two words at a time.
  2. 25 Before 25 – Christy makes a bucket list of 25 things to do before she is 25. Some are personal goals, some are professional and some are just plain fun!
  3. 111 Ideas for your Bucket List – Evelyn from Abundance Tapestry creates this large bucket list and gives you tips on how to create your own bucket lists.
  4. 30 Ideas for your 2014 Bucket list – Marelisa has several great bucket lists, but I like the 30 Ideas for 2014 the best.
  5. 1002 Things to do Before I Kick the Bucket – Chelsea claims to be a space cadet, zombie hunter and bucket lister.
  6. Adventures Before to Big 30 – Jim found himself drifting into a funk and decided to create his 30 before 30 list.
  7. All Before 30 – Dee Dee sent a letter to 29 influential people in her life to each select a goal to add to her bucket list.
  8. Alma’s 30 before 30 – a mother and wife with big dreams who ends every post with “from my lips to Gods ears”.
  9. Alice Pyne – an inspirational teenager with terminal cancer creates a bucket list and inspires people to become bone marrow donors.
  10. Annette’s Bucket List Journey – Annette is on an unconventional quest to see, do and EAT….everything. 400+ goals on this life list.
  11. Arlene’s Adventure Salon – Arlene’s life list ranges from baking a souffle to sitting on a tortoise.
  12. Awesome Goals for a Thrillingly Heroic Life – Cody is a well-known lifestyle design blogger who has an impressive bucket list that focuses on travel and adventure.
  13. Bucket List Heros Bucket List – Paul is an avid bucket lister who is always actively looking to connect with fellow life list enthusiasts.
  14. Bucket List Junkie – Kelly is a chronic fun-seeking-aholic who wants to live an unconventional life through bucket lists.
  15. Life Listed – Not only is Danny an SEO whiz, he is a master at achieving his life list goals.
  16. Carola’s Bucket – Carola created an evolving life list of short & long term goals.
  17. Celestine’s List – Celestine is the Personal Excellence blogger who helps others live their best life which includes fun bucket lists.
  18. Diva’s Bucket List – D. Renee’ is the Original Diva who created this bucket list of 100 goals before she turns 100.
  19. Domesticated Bachelors List – The domesticated bachelor admits he is a big chicken so you won’t find bungee jumping or skydiving on this bucket list.
  20. Emma’s Bucket List – Emma started her life list after losing both of her dads within nine months of each other.
  21. It’s a List Thing – Rob, Ryan and Owen create a bucket list of the usual and unusual.
  22. Raptitude –  David writes about getting better at being human. He has also created a comprehensive guide on how to make a bucket list.
  23. Jackie’s List – A wife and mother who wants to get the most out of life and make a difference in other peoples lives.
  24. Jamies 30 Before 30 –  A Chicago girl who is actively checking off her 30 before 30 life list.
  25. Jennifer of Scarlett Wonderland – Jennifer tries to live in the moment, be fearless and try new things.
  26. Jessicas 101 – Jessica is an active bucket lister who completes her list to prove to herself that she is not afraid to step out of the box.
  27. Jessica’s Unsettled Life – After getting married and moving to Aspen she became obsessed with travel, adventure and check off goals on her bucket lists.
  28. Jojo’s Bucket List – Jojo’s life list is of everything she wants to do before she is pushing daisies from six feet under.
  29. Julia’s Bucket List – A writer of historical and paranormal fiction also writes a bucket list.
  30. Life’s Little Victories – Cece is a fellow California girl whose list came about after caring for a teenage girl with the end stage of leukemia. She has a variety of creative bucket lists.
  31. Like I’m Dying – Marsha is an experience junkie who is addicted to having new adventures.
  32. List Queen – A Cincinnati, list-loving girl who has had a bucket list since she was 14.
  33. Location 180 List – Sean teaches people how to build a business, live anywhere and achieve freedom. He also does it while checking items off his challenging bucket list.
  34. Miranda’s 101 Things – Miranda started her blog based on Richard Hornes book “101 Things to do before you die” , but it has turned into so much more.
  35. My Dolce Vita – Lindsey realized that life is not a dress rehearsal and wants to grab life by the horns, so she create a 30 before 30 list.
  36. My Summer Adventure Bucket List – This is one of the cute bucket lists that comes from Melissa at Aventuroo.
  37. Points and Travel – Cacinda is finding the point where value and luxury intersect and checking her bucket list off along the way.
  38. Powered by Tofu’s List – Olivia quit her job and decided to travel the world and complete her 100 things in 1001 days project.
  39. Project Light of Life – Christine is exploring happiness, growth and the world through her bucket list.
  40. SailingBo’s List – An adventurous man who quit his job to pursue his dream of sailing around the world.
  41. Shane’s Bucket List – an internet marketing specialist with a massive bucket list!
  42. Where is Jenny – Jenny is a world traveler who is living as a digital nomad and backpacking around the world.
  43. Steve’s Hundred Goals – A former “wild child” who found his love of travel and lives a life full of accomplishing goals.
  44. The Project Lab – new mom seeking inspiration and motivation to create and enjoy the things that makes her smile.
  45. Val City Girl – A city girl living in the burbs who has a love for cooking and bucket lists.
  46. Vivid Memories – Alex is a goofy HR professional who is constantly dreaming of her next travel destination.
  47. Women Seeks World – Nicole has an insatiable appetite for traveling the world, becoming location independent and bucket lists.
  48. Yuliya – An ambitious woman who wants to share her thoughts, ideas and dreams.

If this list was not enough inspiration you can head over to The Ultimate Bucket List Resource Guide for EVERYTHING bucket lists!

Did I forget to add someone to the stalking list? Leave a comment with the bucket list link.

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