Restaurant #113 is Stellina in Point Reyes, CA.

Stellina is a welcome addition to the tiny town of Point Reyes. The style of food is "Point Reyes Italian with an unwavering commitment to local organic products." Not quite sure what Point Reyes Italian would refer to, but the food is tasty!

Unfortunately, the service was just ok. The server was not personable, nor did our water ever get filled. But, you still can't beat a hot day, a gorgeous Point Reyes hike, followed by a nice meal.

What I had & how I liked it:

Beet & Arugula Salad A+
Thinly sliced baby red beets with peppery arugula & ricotta salata. This salad was delicious and fresh.

Beans & Greens C
Brown beans with a rosemary broth & sauteed swiss chard. Not a big fan of this dish, though the beans were cooked perfectly. But, the greens did not taste like they were freshly sauteed.

Grilled Cheese with Pastrami A
The grilled bread on this sandwich was great. The only thing that freaked me out a bit was that the pastrami was brown!?! I believe it was house-cured or something so I let it slide.