Restaurant #115 is Dream Farm in San Anselmo, Ca.

Dream Farm claims to be a taste of rural America. The prices are reasonable, nothing over $20.00. Their location is great, right on the main drag in San Anselmo. It used to be the old Fork restaurant, it's the same owners, not sure why that restaurant didn't work out. But, rumors are that Fork was too pricey and inconsistent. The decor is wine country meets restoration hardware, very cozy. We had reservations on a Sunday night and were sat right away at the prime window seat. Service was adequate, we got served our appetizer before we got our wine, but after that everything was up to par.

What I ate & how I like it:

Shrimp Spring Roll A+
Fresh & light, great for a summer app. It came with a soy based dipping sauce that complemented it nicely. Not sure how this fit into their rural American food concept, but it was tasty.
Salad Nicoise of Seared Ahi Tuna, Potatoes , Green Beans, Olive, Egg A
My potatoes were under cooked, but besides that this was a great salad with perfectly rare ahi.
Creekstone New York Steak with French Fries and Blue Cheese Butter A+
This was the biggest piece of steak I have ever seen served! Even our server commented on the size. Oops, chef must have not weighed that one.
Butterscotch Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta A+
I can't believe I'm gonna say this, but this was the best panna cotta I ever had (even better than the one I serve at my restaurant!). They sprinkled it with Amaretto cookie crumbs…YUM!!!