Annette White with a SnakeAnnette White Wrapping a Snake Around My NeckI did not set out to complete ‘Wrap a Snake Around My Neck” goal today, but when the opportunity presents itself you need to take it. I may not meet another friendly snake in the future.

My husband and I were taking a stroll through the Art & Garden Festival in our hometown, hoping to pass the time before going back to work. We passed some folks walking a couple of Alpacas and I wondered what they had to do with art or gardens and then wondered if I should add an Alpaca goal to my bucket list. As i pondered, I noticed a huge crowd surrounding one booth and, of course, my curiosity got the best of me. Getting closer I got a glimpse of the snake handler demonstrating how to hold this scaly creature.

All I could blurt out was, “Ooh…Ooh, this is on my bucket list! Any chance I can wrap that snake around my neck and take a picture?”

The fear set in when he actually said, “sure!”  He really wouldn’t let me do it if it wasn’t safe…would he?

I spent a good amount of time just looking into the eyes of the snake, trying to determine it’s friendliness. Looked nice. I proceeded to gently wrap the snake around my neck, where he hung out for a long couple of minutes.

Have you ever wrapped a snake around your neck?

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