16 Ways to Stay Motivated by Annette White

Motivation is something that can make your dreams come true…or not. It is completely natural for your ambition to be at different stages during the lifetime of your goal. But, it is important to dig deep and press on, especially when the outcome is not initially what you expect. Even though I consider myself a highly motivated person, there are days when I have to refer to this list for ways to stay motivated.

1. Think positive. Challenge all your negative thoughts, replace them with positive ones. Try to stay away from dream squashers.

2. Journal. Stay motivated by keeping a daily journal of the progress you have made and the thoughts related to that progress.

3. Be clear. Define your goals so they are not “fuzzy”. Make your direction clear and concise.

4. Go public. Make you commitment public so there is some accountability involved. You can do this by telling your friends & family or announcing it on a social website, such as Facebook.

5. Commit. Stay motivated by making a commitment to do one step a day towards achieving your goal, no matter how big or small.

6. Get support. Connect with someone who has your same goal or is a support system for you and share your experiences.

7. Reward. Give yourself kudos for even the slightest progress.

8. Persistence. Realize that hard work is the way to achieve goals. Be persistent in your efforts.

9. Find inspiration. Stay motivated by reading about others who have achieved what you are trying to do.

10. Share progress. Choose a forum to share your progress.

11. Mini-goals. Break your one big goal into several littles goals.

12. Dream. Keep dreaming and visualize what your goal will look like when it becomes a reality.

13. Be proactive. Don’t wait for the goal to magically happen, make it happen.

14. Escape. Take a break from your goal every now and then.

15. Have consequences. Decide what they will be for not moving forward towards your goal.

16. Stick with it. Even when your motivation is lacking, pull through it. The motivation will eventually come back.

What do you do to stay motivated?

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