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Annette White in the NewspaperAnnette White Competing at a Chili CookoffSTOP THE PRESSES! Two local restaurateurs, brother & sister, battle for their restaurants to be on top at the Great Chili Cook-Off. That’s the gist of the article, that appeared in the Press Democrat. I own a restaurant & so does my brother, both of us competed to win the title of  Best Chili. The local newspaper thought the “brother vs. sister” competition was a great reason for us to make photo headlines. Does this make me famous? In a town of 55,000, not so much. Though the local grocery store teller did recognize me, but she was also my childhood doctor…darn!

The outcome was that neither of us even placed in the top three. I’m not too disappointed since expecting my Italian-style chili to be the winner would have been a stretch. I guess putting pancetta and rosemary in chili threw some people off and maybe wasn’t the best move. Anyway, towards the end I started giving my brother my votes, so he would have a chance to win. Now that’s sisterly love. Yes, I cheated…sshhh…don’t tell anyone!

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