The Michelin Guide is a highly respected publication that recognizes exceptional restaurants. The book boasts such restaurants as The French Laundry in Napa Valley and Per Se in Manhattan. I knew that the 2010 Michelin Guide was supposed to be released on October 20th and I was holding my breath. Typically, they notify the included restaurants a couple of weeks beforehand and it was October 15th and we hadn’t heard a word. Last year they sent us the good news by FedEx, so every time the truck would stop out front of our place, Sugo Trattoria , I crossed my fingers, but much to my dismay, they usually were dropping off supplies to Peet’s Coffee next door. My hopes plummeted when we were dining at a local restaurant who was also included in last years issue. The owner said he had received his inclusion notice 2 weeks prior. Bam! Crushed. I was utterly surprised when I check the mail 5 days later and there was our Michelin award (I don’t check the mail often, why bother when it’s always bills). I guess with the state of the economy they had to downgrade to Parcel Post instead of FedEx.

The moral of the story: You really don’t know what you got until it’s gone!

Ms. Listologist Grade A++

1. Listen to your customers, but realize that one complaint should not change your entire menu or concept.
2. Make sure you use the best equipment.
3. Reinvent yourself. I heard that restaurants should reinvent themselves every 4 years to keep their food and ideas fresh.
4. Go local and/or organic. When possible purchase from local organic vendors.
5. Marketing, marketing, marketing. You can sit back and wait for it to happen or you can make it happen. It’s your choice.
6. Remember that your customers are the reason you survive, so treat them as such. But, also remember that if the customer is always right, then you are saying that your employees are always wrong.

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