List 10 Things I am Grateful for Every Day

I once read somewhere something can become a habit in 21 days. I am a slow learner so I figured I’d give myself 30 days to train my brain to concentrate on all of the grateful things in my life. I definitely believe that being grateful is one of the main ideas behind happiness.

I was surprised when reading back through my past entries that, for the most part, what makes me happy is not monetary. Spending time with friends, family and loved ones seems to be the top on my list. The next trend in my gratitude journal was related to feeling a sense of accomplishment; completing all my errands, painting the house, finishing taxes, etc. I am definitely a “list” person, so this comes as no surprise. The rest of the entries seem to be pretty random; making deep fried gorgonzola balls, feeling skinny, happy hours, poker night, spin class, etc. The one entry that I will never forget is when I actually wrote “I love my life!”

Annette and Pete swimming in Cancun Mexico

Examples of What I Am Grateful for Today

1. I’m healthy
2. I am loved
3. My family & friends
4. Owning a restaurant
5. Tiramisu
6. Warm weather
7. The beach
8. Hiking trails
9. Heaters that work
10. Fuzzy blankets
11. Puppies (especially puppy breath)
12. Red wine
13. Organized closets
14. Music that invokes wonderful memories
15. The memories of my grandmother
16. Knowing how to cook
17. Happy hour
18. Fitting into my skinny jeans
19. Fresh fruit smoothies
20. Freedom
21. Good books
22. The internet
23. My IPhone
24. Vineyards nearby
25. Hugs & kisses
26. US magazine
27. Free stuff
28. Aroma candles
29. Ability to learn
30. Hot tea on a cold day
31. Instant communication
32. The smell of Christmas Trees
33. Raw cookie dough
34. Babies tiny fingernails
35. Learning the value of always being in present
36. Random acts of kindness
37. Ambition
38. My ability to easily forgive
39. Kind strangers
40. Hearing “I Love You”
41. Foot rubs
42. Uncontrollable laughter
43. Reality TV
44. Warm rain
45. High heel shoes
46. Bargain shopping
47. Outdoor Patio dining
48. Pedicures
49. Smell of coffee brewing
50. Quiet mornings when no one is awake yet
51. Starry nights
52. Great restaurants
53. Girls night out
54. Being motivated
55. Cuddling with a warm pile of laundry
56. Shopping online
57. Being barefoot on the sand
58. Sugar-free mochas
59. Productive days
60. Puffy clouds
61. Fresh sheets
62. Flushing toilets
63. SpellChecker and calculators
64. Finding unexpected money in your pockets
65. Hot showers
66. All my five senses
67. Fine paper
68. When the trees leaves change colors
69. TIVO
70. Great pens (Pilot G-2)
71. Natural Hot Springs
72. Dolce & Gabana Light Blue Perfume
73. Blogging
74. Smell of a BBQ
75. The perfect pair of jeans
76. Parking right up front
77. Learning the benefits of living a simple life
78. Genuine compliments
79. Super hot showers
80. The feeling motivation gives me
81. The stock market
82. Laser hair removal
83. Cookbooks with lots of photos
84. Game nights
85. A good nights sleep
86. Spooning
87. Keyboard Shortcuts
88. Free Samples
89. Setting a high score on a video game
90. The library


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10 thoughts on “List 10 Things I am Grateful for Every Day”

  1. Annette, isn’t this a wonderfully warming task that everyone should try at least once in their life!? I’ve been keeping a “Gratitude Journal” for the past 11 years now. I’ve rarely skipped a night when I haven’t written down what I was thankful for that day. It’s a very eye opening and humbling experience to go back and read some of the past entries. I enjoy the random ones, and cherish the more detailed and heart-felt entries.

    Keep it up past the 30 days, you’ll never regret it!

    • It is helpful for me to write in my journal at the end of the day, I try not to get crazy…maybe just list three things I was grateful for that day. I always try to write alittle something about my experience because in the future I want to look back and be able to use my journal as a pick-me-up. Also, I don’t worry so much about my grateful list being full of only spectacular things, sometimes I will write that I am grateful for my “hot shower in the morning”. For me, the journal is really about changing my though process to be more positive. Good Luck!!

  2. I love this post, it's such a great idea. I read this yesterday and from today I am doing the same… it should be interesting.

  3. You have such a wonderful blog and I'm so inspired that I want to do the same. I've been writing my bucket list for years but I never let other people look into it. 

    • So happy that you posted your list, because it is GREAT! I especially love the eating 10 strange fruits. I’m looking forward to reading about that :)

  4. I like that you are grateful and thankful for puppy breath. Not sure I have ever heard that one before. This is uplifting to read. I don’t know where I would be with a lot of the things you listed here. I appreciate that you listed having all five senses. It is nice to read because I think a lot of people take one or all of them for granted. I miss one out of five and I am extra grateful for the other four.

    • Puppy breath is the best! I actually have this dream of locking myself in a room with dozens of puppies just to let them lick my face. I can’t even imagine missing one of my senses, but you’d be an inspiration if I did! Not that you aren’t already ;)

  5. Thank you very much. :-) Yeah, I am a bit of a jermaphobe and don’t like even my own dog licking my face. Hands are okay. Go figure.


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