Learn Sign Language While Drinking at the Oldest Wine Bar in London

Quite a few months back a complete stranger (& fellow adventurist) invited me on the "Playboy" Kandy Kruise to Mexico, I accepted this travel endeavor and a friendship was born. Lucky for me, she lives in London and I was excited to meet up with her again at the oldest wine bar in London, Gordon's. Megane is the [...]

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12 Tips for Navigating the London Underground

I was having severe anxiety about using the London Underground. I seriously spent hours studying the tube map, trying to make sense of all the colorful lines. I had nightmares of flying ten hours to England and then not being able to navigate my way to the hotel or, even worse, to a good pub for English mushy peas. Yes. [...]

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Stroll Through London’s Hyde Park

After eating my first ever dim sum on my first ever day in London, it was time to go for a stroll. Peter and I walked out the front door of the Royal Garden Hotel and hung a quick left. Thirty seconds later we were at the entrance to Kensington Gardens on our way to [...]

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Eat Dim Sum With a Kensington View in London

To be honest, even before I had arrived in London, I had had mushy peas on the mind. Which is why it is ironic that my first British meal was going to be dim sum in London. The thing was, immediately after I was done drooling over my mind-blowing room at the Royal Garden Hotel, I realized that [...]

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Feel the 5 Stars at London’s Royal Garden Hotel

Let me start by saying that I am not one of those girls who always has to vacation in pure luxury. I have been camping. Even peed in the woods...once. But, after staying at the Royal Garden Hotel, five stars is something that I could get used to. Easily. From London's Heathrow Airport we took the [...]

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4 Day London Itinerary. The Plan.

Phew...It's finally here. After countless hours of obsessive research, I will be touching down in London on Monday and of course I have a travel plan, a 4 day London itinerary. I think it's a good one. If nothing else, it is overloaded with new experiences, an obscene amount of food and plenty of bucket list checks. With only four days of travel in this [...]

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