Learn Sign Language While Drinking at the Oldest Wine Bar in London

Quite a few months back a complete stranger (& fellow adventurist) invited me on the "Playboy" Kandy Kruise to Mexico, I accepted this travel endeavor and a friendship was born. Lucky [...]

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12 Tips for Navigating the London Underground

I was having severe anxiety about using the London Underground. I seriously spent hours studying the tube map, trying to make sense of all the colorful lines. I had nightmares of flying ten [...]

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Stroll Through London’s Hyde Park

After eating my first ever dim sum on my first ever day in London, it was time to go for a stroll. Peter and I walked out the front door [...]

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Eat Dim Sum With a Kensington View in London

To be honest, even before I had arrived in London, I had had mushy peas on the mind. Which is why it is ironic that my first British meal was going to [...]

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Feel the 5 Stars at London’s Royal Garden Hotel

Let me start by saying that I am not one of those girls who always has to vacation in pure luxury. I have been camping. Even peed in the woods...once. But, [...]

4 Day London Itinerary. The Plan.

Phew...It's finally here. After countless hours of obsessive research, I will be touching down in London on Monday and of course I have a travel plan, a 4 day London itinerary. I think it's a good one. [...]

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