Have a Bucket List Worthy Afternoon in Sitges, Spain

After hearing numerous favorable things about Sitges, Spain we decided to breakaway from all of the zorbing, flamenco dancing and segwaying the streets of Barcelona to spend a half day in this neighboring town. The quaint town of Sitges is a seaside city, on the Catalan coast, filled with character, charm and bucket list worthy adventures. It is [...]

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Get a Fish Pedicure in Sitges, Spain

I get hate mail just about every time I write about eating strange animal parts or visiting animal attractions and I am certain that this will be no different. Even when I mentioned getting fish pedicures in Spain on Twitter I immediately received a hostile 140 character message and was defriended by a few. Or unTweeted. I mean unfollowed. Whatever. Some consider fish pedicures to be animal [...]

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Eat Pintxos in Spain

A traveler friend had told me about these 'bruschetta-style tapas with toothpicks stuck in them' that I just had to try in Spain. She said, "I think they are called peen-chows or pint-oxe or pin-tox, something like that." Huh? Luckily, a Google search for Spanish 'pin-tox' was enough of a clue to find the information I needed [...]

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