Eat Chankonabe in Tokyo. Sumo Wrestlers Stew.

After watching wrestler’s practice at Hakkaku Sumo Stable in Tokyo, I was hungry. Seeing them huff, puff and sweat actually made my stomach growl and what better thing to eat for lunch [...]

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Eat at Tokyo’s ‘Kill Bill’ Inspiration Restaurant

You may remember, and may wish to forget, the bloody massacre in the movie Kill Bill where Uma Thurman goes against criminal members of the yakuza gang. The set of this famous [...]

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Eat Wiener Schnitzel in Vienna, Austria

I only had five waking hours to spend in Vienna, that is not a lot of time to explore Austria's capital and largest city. No worries. I didn't need a lot of time to do one thing on [...]

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Drink in a Shinjuku Golden Gai Bar in Tokyo

I am typically a wine lounge kind of lady. Take me to a swanky place with Lorde playing in the background, cushioned couch seating and a large selection of red wine to choose from [...]

By | February 28th, 2014|Categories: Asia, FOOD, Japan, TRAVEL|Tags: , , |17 Comments

Experience Rose. Rabbit. Lie. in Las Vegas

Rose. Rabbit. Lie. Huh? Even the mention of these three little words to the locals in Las Vegas gave a facial response of a familiar, yet quizzical look. The name [...]

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Eat a Lampredotto Sandwich in Florence, Italy

In general, I wouldn't go out of my way searching for a sandwich filled with the cooked stomach of a cow. Who am I kidding? I totally would. So, hunting for a [...]

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Eat the California State Bird in San Francisco

Eating the California State bird? Isn't that illegal? You're not even allowed to pick the state's poppy flower, are you? Technically, neither action is against the law, but there is something so wrong about [...]

By | January 25th, 2014|Categories: California, FOOD, North America, TRAVEL|Tags: , , |11 Comments

Indulge in Fried Frog Legs & Alligator in Louisiana

It was a slow night at Tunk's Oyster Bar. Today was the first day of squirrel season in Louisiana, evidently a big event in this part of Alexandria. Many local folks [...]

Eat Traditional Fondue in Switzerland

I'm going to be honest, the smell of fondue makes me nauseous. It has something to do with the pungent aroma of melted gruyere cheese. So, I passed by several fondue [...]

By | November 26th, 2013|Categories: Europe, FOOD, Switzerland, TRAVEL|Tags: , , |13 Comments

Eat at a Themed Restaurant in Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan is exploding with quirky themed restaurants. Understatement. You can watch a sexy robot show while eating a bento box or be served by trained ninjas or dine in a European church [...]

By | September 23rd, 2013|Categories: Asia, FOOD, Japan, TRAVEL, UNUSUAL|Tags: , |28 Comments
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