5 Colors. 5 Photos. 5 Travel Memories.

A new, and very colorful, contest is running rampant over the web, TravelSupermarket.com created the Capture the Colour contest. It's simple, there are 5 colors, you choose five memorable photos to represent each. Piece of cake. Whoa. Not that easy. If you are anything like me, you will be sifting through thousands of photos, reminiscing along the way.  Many [...]

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7 Reasons to Travel Off-Season

I sit here attempting to plan the perfect summer getaway for my fifteenth wedding anniversary, a memorable travel escape that will bring back the romance that was lost about...14.5 years ago. But, instead of a multitude of choices I am faced with overfilled hotel rooms, restaurants booked out for a month and sold-out attractions. Maybe there is some availability at Motel 6 [...]

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Not Eating at London’s Borough Market

We were only in London for four days, and we crammed a lot of new experiences and bucket list checks into that time. I don't do "slow travel" well, I do speedy travel really good. Though I squeezed just about every ounce of fun I could out of London, I did have one regret: Not eating [...]

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Visit Notting Hill’s Charming Books for Cooks

We had a few hours left in London before catching a flight to Barcelona, just enough time to take a brisk walk through Notting Hill. Some would think that we were in search of the famous travel book store that was featured in the movie Notting Hill or the extensive vintage clothing section at Portobello Market, but [...]

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Eat Lamb Butt and British Mushy Peas in London

After my first mushy pea experience, I was quite hesitant about there being a second. I was not a fan. But, a London local suggested trying peas at some place other than a pub. I cautiously obliged. The Laughing Gravy, located near the Southbank and Borough district, offers a menu of fresh, seasonal dishes. And lamb rump. [...]

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Visit Harrods Food Hall & see the ₤30 Glitterati Water Bottle

In London, a trip to the uber-luxurious department store, Harrods, was on the agenda. But, not for the designer Givenchy handbags, Escada dresses or Yves Saint Laurent shoes. I am not label whore. I wanted the ritzy experience of perusing the shelves of the famous Harrods Food Hall. I am a food whore. Harrods Food Hall is one of the Worlds most [...]

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Walk Across London’s Abbey Road and Stand in a Red Phone Booth

Many times when I travel I am the epitome of a tourist; camera dangling around my neck, guidebook grasped in my hands and stops at all the most visited tourist attractions. The only representation lacking is the white tennis shoes. I don't do white tennis shoes. I absolutely could not return from this trip without taking a walk on the iconic Abbey Road in London or [...]

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Have a Working Lunch at Arbutus in London

Many London restaurants feature pre-theater meals on their menus, a prix fixe meal to enjoy prior to attending an evening at the show. Since I had no plans of going to the theater I settled for a 'working lunch' at Arbutus. I wasn't working either. Whatever. Arbutus in Soho London features a prix fixe, two or three course, [...]

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Attend a Proper British Afternoon Tea in London

A proper Afternoon Tea in London is a British tradition that I had no intention of missing out on. I like tea. And tiny little sandwiches. Little did I know, there are various tea times; Cream Tea, Low/Afternoon Tea, Elevensies, Royal Tea and High Tea. Cream Tea is a simpler version of the Afternoon Tea, Elevensies is [...]

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See the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace (Part 2)

After waking up early, and waiting an hour & a half sardine packed (see part 1), the events of the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace started just before 11:30 AM. The guards arrived by passing Victoria Monument, directly in front of Buckingham Palace, and then entering through the ornate front gates of the palace. This was harder [...]

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