Travel Essentials Giveaway: Luggage Scale, Safety Lock & Neck Stash

I will be the first to admit that I have been at the airport checking in my luggage when the airline attendant informed me that my bags were overweight — exactly 1.2 pounds over the 50 pound limit. What do you do?

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The Perfect Travel Backpack Giveaway

I was eternally on the hunt for the perfect backpack, one that will take me from hiking an active volcano to going on an African safari to comfortably carrying all my technology while traveling by plane. Something that wasn't too petite, nor one that would make me topple over.

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A Savannah Swag Bag Giveaway

I walked away from my recent Savannah Media Trip with a crap load of swag. That makes it sound like it is a bunch of poopy stuff...and it's not. It's really good junk. And even though "getting swag" is on my bucket list, there is more than I need or could possibly use. Welcome to [...]

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$50 Gift Certificate Giveaway for Xperience Days

After 14 years of marriage, buying any sort of gift for the hubby is a struggle. It has either been done before or he can just buy it himself or he will ask for something like a bright red Ducati to travel the back roads of Tuscany with. Yeah, right. So, when I partnered with Xperience [...]

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