Spend the Night in a Hostel. Florence, Italy.

In my many years of traveling around the world, it was not until embarrassingly recently that I had ever spent the night in a hostel. This popular and economical lodging option was never on my agenda mostly because I don't feel comfortable sleeping in the same room or sharing a restroom with strangers. When needing to pee [...]

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Eat a Lampredotto Sandwich in Florence, Italy

In general, I wouldn't go out of my way searching for a sandwich filled with the cooked stomach of a cow. Who am I kidding? I totally would. So, hunting for a Panino con Lampredotto in Florence was no different than any other weird food I had pursued in the past. A Lampredotto sandwich is a Florentine tradition, Tuscan street food at its [...]

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More Bucket List Adventures Ahead: Switzerland & Tuscany

I had just finished writting about my upcoming bucket list adventures to Spain, France and Galapagos when a couple more opportunities surprisingly came my way; Switzerland and the Tuscany region of Italy. As we all know, I am not one to say no to opportunities since many lead to amazing bucket list worthy experiences. So, here I come Zurich, [...]

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A to Z of Adventurous Travel Experiences

Cutie petootie Ruth, over at at Tanama Tales, nominated little ole' me to share my travel experiences for the "My Travel ABCs" series. Whoop, Whoop! It's an honor to just be nominated ;) Age you went on your first international trip: On the sixteenth birthday of all of her granddaughters, my nonna took each one of us to her [...]

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Go to an Italian Happy Hour in Florence, Italy

I love a good happy hour. An Italian happy hour is even better. Then again, what's not to love? Cheap drinks. Cheap nibbles. And all before 5 o'clock. On our first day in Florence we strolled aimlessly down the cobbled streets looking for some light fare and a glass of Italian vino. We asked a gentlemen [...]

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Eat the Best Italian Pastry. Millefoglie Glassato al Pistacchio

In the brisk morning hours in Florence, there was only one thing I wanted to do, go to the local Pasticceria and devour my new favorite pastry Millefoglie Glassato al Pistacchio. Millefoglie is a delectable Italian dessert made by layering puff pastry with either a pastry or chantilly cream. We had discovered this little flaky piece of [...]

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Scale the 463 Stairs of the Florence Duomo

After loading up on the essential focaccia carbs at the Mercato Centrale , Peter and I headed to the Florence Duomo, the cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiori. A so-called "friend" had told us that climbing to the top of the Duomo was an experience not to be missed. What he forgot to share was that [...]

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Prosciutto & Pollo at Mercato Centrale in Florence

I was school-girl giddy about going to Mercato Centrale in Florence. This is one of the most impressive indoor produce, vegetable and meat markets in Italy, a foodie masterpiece. It is the principal marketplace in town, where you can buy your groceries, oils, vinegars, etc. or eat a meal on the fly at one of the focaccia or pasta booths. Immediately upon entering the [...]

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Things to do in Florence in a Day

Florence, Italy is a sightseeing mecca filled with picturesque churches, bountiful markets, authentic restaurants and so much more. It can be a bit overwhelming, but you'll be surprised by all the things to do in Florence in a day. Make sure you wear your comfy walking shoes, you'll be doing a lot of it! Things [...]

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Touching a Fresco at the Florence Duomo

I have been to museums, before the Florence Duomo, where if you even get close to a famous piece of artwork a stern voice comes over a loud speaker saying, "Please step back from the artwork or do not touch". Apparently, the oil in from human skin can discolor paintings...OOPs! On my recent visit to Italy, I knew [...]

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