Hello! I’m Annette, a passionate restaurateur, fearless nibbler and new experience collector who is traveling the world in search of the best bucket list worthy experiences.

I like puppies, fuzzy socks and jammy red wine too.
Annette White on the Golf Course in Georgia

This is my husband Peter, Pistol or Puddin’, whatever I decide to call him that day.

I really find it amusing to embarrass him by making him do weird things that he absolutely does not want to do, like eating bugs in Thailand and zorbing in Spain. I swear he secretly loves it, but will never admit it.
Peter & Annette White at Minus 5 Ice Bar

We have no kids and no pets, but we own a restaurant and have lots of employees. They are like having kids sometimes.

Several years ago, after getting a handle on a case of severe anxiety, I made myself a promise. That promise was to not let fear make my decisions for me. When an opportunity presents itself and I want to say “no”, I always ask myself if that negative is fear speaking.  90% of the time it is. In that case, I vowed to turn that no into a yes.

That promise, along with the dedication to completing my bucket list, has led me to some amazing experiences all over the world: I have eaten insects in Thailand, swam with thousands of jellyfish in Palau, went on safari in Africa, rappelled into the depths of a cavern, fed a stingray, zip-lined through the Costa Rican rain forest, scaled the 463 stairs of Florence’s Duomo and even got my hair pulled by a monkey in Honduras. I kind of liked that. I have also tried to curl like an Olympian, went hunting for ghosts in Goldfield and flew through the sky on a trapeze…unfortunately, without the greatest of ease. You can also see the top of my head in a Bollywood movie (don’t be jealous) and I, once, put on my big girl panties to give blood.
Kibowa Orphanage in Africa

When I am not planning my next adventure, chowing-down at a new restaurant, writing for my 2+ readers or trying to turn my body into a pretzel through yoga, I am creating delicious food at my Michelin recommended Italian restaurant, Sugo Trattoria. There, I wear many hats; I am a chef, marketing executive, accountant, part-time psychologist, prep cook, and, sometimes, dishwasher (not my happy day).

I know that my lifes new adventures will never be over and I look forward to the unknown that is waiting. It is my hope not only to continue living a life I love, but to also inspire my readers to not let fear make their choices.

Thanks for stopping by. I do hope you stay a while and join the journey.

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