Santorini Bucket List

The Greek island of Santorini (Thira) is in the southern Aegean Sea and actually consists of a group of islands. Though the complex is still an active volcano, it is most commonly known for it’s brilliant blue roofs, but there are so many more things to do in Santorini than marvel at the domed buildings.

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Kamari's Open Air Cinema in Santorini

1. See a Movie at an Open Air Cinema

With the incredible Santorini weather, going to an outdoor movie is a perfect thing to do in the evening. Kamari Village located on this popular Greek island boasts one of the best open-air cinemas in the world with director’s chairs, tasty cocktails and, of course, popcorn.

Open Air Cinema Kamari | Main Road, Kamari, Santorini, Greece | Website | Map

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wine tasting flight in santorini

2. Do an 18-Wine Flight Tasting

Not only is the Santo Winery one of the recommended spots to catch a stunning Santorini sunset, but you can also get a Greek wine education by doing an 18-wine tasting flight. That’s right, eighteen different wines served with cheese and a spectacular view. You will taste everything from a rich Crescendo to an aromatic Rose to a dry Assyrtiko, and so much more. Santo Winery | Pyrgos, Greece | Website | Map

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Exploring an archaeological site in santorini, Greece

3. Explore an Archaeological Excavation Site

This archaeological excavation site in Santorini features ruins from the city of Akrotiri, which was buried by a volcanic eruption in 1700 B.C., though the first habitation dates from the Late Neolithic times (4th millennium BC). For just €5 you can explore the massive visitor-friendly site where walkways lead you around the entire perimeter. There are not many placards or informational pamphlets, so if you would like the complete history during your visit hire a tour guide.

Akrotiri 84700, Greece | Map

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Traditional Dish at a Greek Taverna in Santorini

4. Eat at a Classic Taverna

You just can’t possibly leave Santorini or any city in Greece without indulging in a meal at a classic taverna, a small restaurant serving Greek food. If you are looking for a place away from the hustle and bustle of one of the bigger towns, try Taverna Aeolus which you will find by itself on the road to Akrotiri Red Beach and the lighthouse. Looking for something a little closer to town? Stop by Salt & Pepper in Fira for their fried tomato fritters and deliciously fresh Santorini salad.

Taverna Aeolus | Lighthouse Road, Akrotiri 84700, Greece | Website | Map
Salt & pepper | Main road Fira-Firostefani, Firá, Kikladhes, Greece | Website | Map

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The view while walking from Fira to Oia in Santorini, Greece

5. Hike from Fira to Oia

This 9km hike, which connects the towns of Fira and Oia, has been called the most scenic in Santorini. The walk should take about 3 hours to complete, depending on how many pit stops you make along the way. With the path taking you along the picturesque caldera, you will definitely want to take some breaks for photo opps. Be sure to wear proper shoes as the path has some cobbled stones and loose gravel areas. When you arrive in Oia, reward yourself with a nice lunch or cocktail…or both. 

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Fish Pedicure in Sitges, Spain

6. Get a Fish Pedicure

While strolling through the town of Fira, make a stop to get a fish therapy treatment for the hands or feet at Fish Spa Kagal Wellness Center. Stick your toes inside the tank and the tiny Garra Rufa fish will gently suck away the dead skin on your digits leaving them smooth as silk. This technique was primarily designed to help people with dermatological conditions, such as eczema, but it can also be very relaxing.

Fish Spa Kangal | Mitropoleos str., Prehistoric Thera MuseumFira 84700, Greece | Website | Map

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Santorini Windmill Villa

7. Sleep in a Windmill

At Windmill Villas in Imerovigli you can sleep in a newly-built luxury windmill equipped with a private pool, hydro-massage jets, terrace and a panoramic view to the Aegean Sea. Though each windmill can accommodate five people, you may want to just keep it romantic and add it to your private Couple’s Bucket List instead. {photo credit: Windmill Villas}

Windmill VillasImerovigli | Santorini, Imerovigli 84700, Greece | Check Availability | Map

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The Caldera in Santorini

8. Have a Romantic Dinner Overlooking the Caldera

Many of Santorini’s restaurants overlook the beautiful caldera and one of the most romantic things you can do is have a candlelit dinner at one of these eateries, especially if you are able to catch the sunset during your meal.

There are several restaurants to choose from, but here are a few recommendations:

Assyrtico Wine Restaurant | Ipapantis 40, Fira, Greece | Website | Map
Archipelagos |Fira Santorini – 84700 Cyclades Greece | Website | Map
Fanari | In the steps for the old port, Fira 84700, Greece | Website | Map

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Things to do in Santorini: See a Santorini Sunset

9. See a Santorini Sunset

Sunsets in Santorini are known for being some of the most stunningly beautiful in the world. Catching one from the Oia’s Byzantine Castle ruins is one of the most popular spots on the island, but the sunset view from the Akrotiri lighthouse, Santo Winery or at a restaurant overlooking the caldera would be perfect too. {photo credit: Jarod Carruther}

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Ammoudi Stairs to Santorini

10. Walk the Steps From Oia to Amoudi Bay

The tiny port of Amoudi Bay is located a whopping 300 steps below the town of Oia. The descent will be slightly challenging, but you will be rewarded with breathtaking views along the way and quaint tavernas for refueling at the bottom. You can also make a popular pit stop at 39 Steps cafe for a frappe, water or Donkey beer, you’ll need it.

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Eat a Santorini Salad in Greece

11. Eat a Santorini Salad

No doubt while in Greece you will eat plenty of traditional Greek food including salads, but while in Santorini indulge in a delicious Santorini salad. This salad is a version of a Greek salad that uses the ingredients that Santorini is known for: capers, sundried tomatoes and cucumbers. You can find a delicious one at Salt & Pepper in Fira.

Salt & pepper | Main road Fira-Firostefani, Firá, Kikladhes, Greece | Website | Map

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The Lighthouse in Santorini Greece

12. Take in the View from the Akrotiri Lighthouse

The Akrotiri lighthouse is located on the Southern peninsula of Santorini island. The lighthouse itself is not as much of an attraction as the views from it. This is another beautiful spot to bring a bottle of wine and catch a perfect sunset.

Akrotiri Lighthouse | Lighthouse road, Akrotiri, Greece | Map

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Things to do in Santorini: Swim at the Red Sand Beach

13. Swim at a Red Sand Beach

The Red Sand Beach in Santorini is located next to the ancient site of Akrotiri (see #3). This small beach features varying shades of read that can easily be seen from the headlands if you decide to not take the rocky path along the mountain to reach the beachfront.

Red Sand Beach | Akrotiri, Greece | Map 

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14. See a Concert at La Ponta in Akrotiri

You will find La Ponta in a 13th century Venetian Tower located within the castle of Akrotiri. Inside the tower there is a tsabouna exhibition featuring the Greek folk wind instrument of the bagpipe family. Though the real magic is not just visiting the site, but in hearing the music being played. During their summer concert series, held in the evenings, you can listen to the sounds of ancient and contemporary instruments uniting.

La Ponta | Akrotiri, Greece | Concert TimesMap

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Red Donkey Beer Santorini

15. Drink a Donkey Beer

In many cafes and restaurants around the island you will find bottles of the locally brewed Donkey beer made by Santorini Brewing Company. Or you can go straight to the source by paying a visit to the brewery and tasting their three products: yellow donkey, red donkey and crazy donkey.

Santorini Brewing Company | Meso Gonia, Greece | Brew Tour Hours | Map

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Things to do in santorini: ride the cable car to Old Port

16. Take a Cable Car Ride

There are three ways to get from the town of Fira down to the Old Port (or the other way around) in Santorini: take an overworked donkey, walk the almost 600 steps or take the cable car. I opted for the least smelly and strenuous of them all, the cable car, which comes every twenty minutes and costs 5 euros each way. At this port you will find souvenir shops, restaurants and agencies that sell tours to the nearby volcano (see #17) or hot springs.

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Bucket List: Walk on a Volcano in Santorini

17. Hike to the Top of a Volcano

Nea Kameni is the volcanic island in the center of the Santorini caldera that you can hike to the top of. Boat tours can easily be purchased at the old port in Fira. They will bring you to the crater and here you can take a steep, rocky climb to the top passing incredible lava formations, smoking craters and fantastic views. Not something you get to see everyday! {photo by David Jones}

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Things to do in Santorini: Drive a Quad

18. Drive a ATV

There are a few transportation options for getting around the island of Santorini and one of the most popular (and fun) is renting an ATV. For about 45 euros a day you can be cruising the roads with the wind blowing through your hair. It’s fairly easy to find a rental shop, every towns main street has one or two, which you will spot by the line of quads parked out front. {photo by Hibri Marzook}

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