Smallest Window in the World, Siena, Italy

See the Smallest Window in the World
There will be no sign, arrows or flashing lights to tell you that this is titled the smallest window in the world, but it exists in Siena’s quaint Piazza di Postierla. Situated on the building to the right of the square there will be a teeny, tiny shingled window right next to it’s duplicate big brother.

If I hadn’t been touring Siena, Italy with an expert guide from the Tuscan Montestigliano Estate, I would have surely missed it.

Though I wouldn’t have traveled all the way to this city solely to gawk at this petite finestra, it gives me great satisfaction knowing that I have seen something special that most of the world hasn’t and besides… it’s really cute.

DETAILS: The smallest window is located at the end of Via di Città. It is also known as Quattro Cantoni because the piazza is where four main streets intersect: Via di Città, Via di San Pietro, Via di Stalloreggi and Via del Capitano
Location: Piazza di Postierla, Siena, Italy | Map