See the Blue-Footed Booby Mating Dance in the Galápagos Islands

See the Blue-Footed Booby Mating Dance in the Galápagos Islands

Peter was excited when I told him we would be traveling to Ecuador and going on a cruise with Ecoventura to the Galápagos Islands, even more enthusiastic when I informed him that he would be seeing hundreds of boobies. What I failed to mention was that these Boobies weren’t of the well-endowed female sort, they were the native Blue-footed Booby bird which just happened to own a very breasty name.

He would find out soon enough.
Blue-footed Booby Bird in Galapagos Islands

There are actually 3 types of boobies on the Galápagos Islands: Blue-footed, Red-footed and Nazca. Though we would most likely be seeing them all, my real bucket list goal was to witness a Blue-footed Booby mating dance.

Prior to arriving in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, I had heard the most about these Blue-Footed Booby birds, which made them the most coveted on my booby hunt. The want grew even greater after learning about their unique courting ritual, which included rocking side-to-side while lifting their eye-catching baby blue feet. A Booby dance.

These birds really needed to be able to do some fancy foot work in order to woo their woman.

Maybe Peter could learn a few new dance moves. It was about time he graduated from his old standbys, “The Sprinkler” and “The Lawnmower”.

We started on San Cristobal Island where the Red-footed Boobies were scarce, but we spotted a few sitting in their nests atop their eggs, which made it difficult to actually see their red feet.
Red-Footed Booby Bird in Galapagos Islands Red-footed Booby bird in Galapagos Islands

On Espanola Island, there were a lot of baby Boobies.

The Nazca Booby is one of the least talked about of the boobies, yet just as beautiful as the rest and their babies were simply adorable balls of puff.
Nazca Booby Galapagos Islands Nazca Booby in the Galapagos Islands

All along our route, there was a scattering of Blue-footed Boobies.

When I spotted my first one it was exciting, not so much for Peter who was beginning to realize that these boobies weren’t exactly what he expected.

Though, they were plentiful, confirming my claim to him that he would be seeing more boobies than he ever did in Las Vegas. See, I didn’t lie, unless omission is lying.
blue-footed booby bird in Galapagos Islands

Even with numerous booby sightings we had yet to see the actual Blue-footed Booby mating dance. Then, on our last day of exploring the Galapagos Islands, on North Seymour, we saw one very popular female bird surrounded by a few male Boobies who were strutting their stuff trying to impress this desirable lady.

I wish I was so popular.
Blue-Footed Booby Bird Mating Dance in Galapagos Islands

We watched as they did their dance, battling it out like a fierce episode of Dancing with the Stars. But, there was a clear leader in this bunch…

In the end, Peter had to admit that these kind of Boobies were fun too. And he even created his own rendition of a Booby dance…

How many times the word Booby/Boobies is mentioned in this article: 21

Will traveling to Galapagos Islands be on your bucket list? What about seeing the Blue-footed Booby mating dance?

Disclosure: I was a guest of Ecoventura, but all the words I write come straight from my, sometimes distorted, mind. Just as it should be.


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  1. Irene says:

    TY so much for this article :)

  2. Thank you for reading it :)

  3. Tayor says:

    entertaining story :) like how you tricked Peter :P

  4. Playing little jokes on him gives me lots of pleasure. Though, I am sure one day he will pay me back ;)

  5. Heather says:

    Baby boobies!! So cute!

  6. Aren’t they? They looked so soft!

  7. ben says:

    Are Blue-footed Booby birds already one of the endangered species?

  8. I believe that the Blue-footed Booby was one on the endangered species list, but is no longer.

  9. Tamara says:

    Umm Peter should probably go back to the Lawnmower…his booby dance is terrible ;-)

  10. LOL! I was lucky to get him to even do that dance. But, his lawnmower is pretty darn good :)

  11. Jen says:

    What funny little creatures and what an awesome experience you guys had Annette!

  12. They were very unusual birds and so much fun to watch!

  13. Awesome photos!! These little guys are so cute. And love the dancing! :)

  14. Thanks! Their dancing is quite mesmerizing since it seems like they are doing it in slow motion.

  15. Haha, I had NO idea there was a bird breed called such a thing!;-) Love that shot of mamma bird feeding her baby, so sweet!

  16. That is one of my favorite shots too :)

  17. Andrea says:

    They are cute! And exhibitionist haha – can’t believe they didn’t care that you guys were around…I guess nature calls =)

  18. If they are exhibitionists, then I guess we were voyeurs ;)

  19. Franca says:

    Thanks for sharing this story, these birds look absolutely stunning! :)

  20. dogan says:

    Your blog is very nice, I’m constantly watching. Also I think your site is very up to date. This article was descriptive and a great article.

  21. Catherine says:

    They look adorable, love their little blue feet, so cute :)

  22. estherjulee says:

    this is amazing!! we went.. but maybe it wasn’t mating season. all they did was sit around and sometimes fly. :) we did see one dive into the water.. but of course i missed the photo bc i was in shock with what i was seeing.

  23. Did you go to the G’islands because of this bird? Seems very cool! Just followed you on Twitter as well – cool site. Looking forward to connect! Torsten

  24. Not solely because of the Blue-footed Boobies, but it definitely played a little part.

  25. rebecca says:

    I have been fascinated with these birds ever since seeing a photo of them on another travel blog but thanks so much for featuring them and talking about them so detailed. I also really want to go to the Islands to see them.

    The video was really interesting,… the birds…. not the much Peters haha… he would not do very well in the bird mating world :P

  26. Poor Peter…luckily he’s not a bird ;)
    All the birds on the Galapagos Islands where so interesting, but these were my 2nd favorite (the penguins being the first).

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