I admittedly am a dog girl, specifically puppies. It is on my dog bucket list to be locked in a room with dozens of puppies while they lick my face with their delightful young dog breath. Is that weird? Maybe. But, not nearly as strange as the Calico Cat Café in Tokyo.

Tokyo is known for its unique experiences, such as a medical themed restaurant where you can eat beef, shaped like a brain, inside a private jail cell. So, it didn’t completely surprise me to learn that there was a place in the city where you could not only get a cup of coffee, you can also pay twelve bucks an hour to hang out with a bunch of friendly felines.

Even though I am not typically a cat lady, I wanted to go.
Calico Cat Cafe in Tokyo

The Calico Cat Café is on Kabukicho in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo, very close to Don Quizote. It’s a little tricky to find, but so is everything else in this city. Just keep an eye out for the cat photo and symbols, everything else will be in Japanese.

Also, be aware that the entrance is on the sixth floor, though the cafe also takes the 5th floor, but you can’t enter on the fifth.
Calico Cat Cafe

We walked in and were instructed to wash and sanitize our hands, as well as remove our shoes. They gave us stylish (sarcasm speaking) slippers to wear while inside the cat café.

Then we entered into what some considered to be a kitty-lover heaven.

The first thing that was noticeable was the strong aroma. It smelled like…a litter box. A dirty litter box.
Calico Cat Cafe in Tokyo

There were lazy cats sprawled all over the place, most didn’t even glance our way when we entered. The only time they were interested in anyone was when they had food, which could be purchased there. Then they flocked.

So, if you actually want some kitty interaction, buy food. They will ignore you otherwise.
Calico Cat Cafe in Tokyo

What we noticed next were the unique breeds that lived here, many that I had never seen in the United States. Some were striped like a tiger, some had smushed faces and others had stubby little legs like a Corgi dog. There were Siberians, Abyssinians, a Russian Blue and so many other varieties.

Luckily, since I am not a cat expert by any means, they provided a folder with the profile of each cat, listing their name, birthday and breed.

We spent a few mintutes attempting to get the attention of some of the felines by waving toys in front of their faces. They didn’t even flinch. Where’s my food?
Calico Cat Cafe in Tokyo

We pet a couple of cats and then gave up.

Peter is a pretty good sport, considering all the weird places and strange food I have made him suffer through. But, he may never let me forget how he had to endure the cat café for 18 minutes.

Now if it were a puppy café we would both have been there daily for a dose of cuddle therapy.
Calico Cat Cafe in Tokyo

Why then would this be bucket list worthy? Because, not only is it a true oddity, we both laughed hysterically about it for the next three hours. Not just little giggles, but belly busting, tear- shedding laughter. I’d go back just for that.

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