19 Things to Do in Hong Kong

While traveling to Hong Kong, in Asia, I knocked quite a few items off my Bucket List. And found quite a few more to add to your bucket list itinerary. Here are 17 Bucket List worthy things to do in Hong Kong

1. Ride the Longest Escalator in the World

Rest your weary feet from Hong Kong’s hilly streets and get a lift on the longest outdoor escalator in the world. The Central Mid-Levels is a 2624 foot bucket list worthy ride that links the Central and Western districts on Hong Kong Island, with many shops and dining stops along the way. Not only a touristy must-do, but very practical too.

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Longest Escalator in the World Mid-Level

2. Eat Dessert First

Hong Kong is known for its cutting edge food concepts and The Dessert Kitchen is amongst one of the most creative. It is a trendy little cafe that sells nothing but unique Asian style treats, at just about any time of the day. That’s right. A kitchen dedicated solely to desserts. With masterpiece desserts, like the Blueberry Kiss, it is perfectly acceptable (& recommended) to skip the traditional dinner and replace it with a purely sweet one at a place where dessert always comes first.

The Dessert Kitchen | G/F, 12 Hau Fook Street, Hong Kong | Website | Map
Things to do in Hong Kong: eat the the Dessert Kitchen

3. Ride on a Traditional Chinese Junk Boat

Taking a Hong Kong junk boat ride will give you the second best skyline view (see #6 for the first), but this view is just an after thought compared to the junk boat ride itself. Aqua Luna features a traditional junk boat ride through Victoria Harbour that also coincides with the cities famous light show, the Symphony of Lights.

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Things to do in Hong Kong: Ride on a Junk Boat

4. See the Hong Kong Stars

If you take a junk boat ride, arrive at the port an hour early to see the Hong Kong stars. The Avenue of the Stars is on almost every “Things to do in Hong Kong” list and is a tribute to the famous in Hong Kong’s film industry. It is a stroll along the water that would be reminiscent to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, except I would recognize ninety percent of the stars in Hollywood and only two in Hong Kong; Bruce Lee and Jackie Chen. Good enough.

Avenue of Stars | Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong | Website | Map
Annette White at Avenue of Stars

5. Eat Snake Soup

In the Causeway Bay section of Hong Kong you will find Se Wong Yee, the tiniest eatery, with the menu out front completely written in Chinese, except for the significant bold lettering stating the sale of Snake Soup, an Asian delicacy. There were two options on the menu; just the plain old Snake Soup for 50 HKD ($6.50 USD) or the Snake Meal which includes the of duck’s liver-sausage.

Se Wong Yee | 24 Percival Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, China | Map

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Hong Kong Bucket List: Eat Snake Soup

6. Witness Hong Kong’s Bucket List Worthy View

Though the view of the city skyline from the junk boat on Victoria Harbour (see #3) was pretty spectacular, there is nothing like the one from the Sky Terrace at The Peak. It is the highest 360 degree viewing terrace in town and requires a steep tram ride along with several floors of escalators to get to the top.

The Peak |1 Lugard Rd, Hong Kong, China (Formerly Tai Ping Shan) | Website | Map

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Hong Kong's The Peak View

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7. Climb to the Top of Big Buddha

Even though there are 268 stairs to reach Hong Kong’s Tian Tan, it is one of the top Things to do in Hong Kong. Tian Tan is one of the largest sitting Buddha’s in the world and even though at 34 metres (112 Ft) feet tall, Big Buddha was perfectly visible from the ground level, it is hard to tell its true massiveness without getting up close and personal.
Tian Tan Buddha Hong Kong

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8. Ride in a Cable Car

Before actually climbing the stairs to Big Buddha you have to get to its location on Lantau Island and there aren’t many options. You can take a bus, make a strenuous hike uphill or ride the 3.5 mile Npong Ping Cable Car that suspends you high above the ground. Not like the typical street cable cars in San Francisco. At all.

Book to Skip the Line > Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car Lantau Instant E-Tickets
Npong Ping Cable Car

9. Eat Street Food at a Fishing Village

On the Western side of Lantau Island lies the quaint fishing village of Tai O where the homes are built on stilts and the markets sell a plethora of dried fish street food. Though there are dozens of fishy dishes to choose from I  tried a meal of BBQ squid jerky, for just 10 HKD ($1.29 usd).
Fish at Hong Kongs Tai O

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Book a Tour > Escape to Lantau Island: Big Buddha & Tai O Fishing Village


10. Make an Incense Wish at a Temple

In Hong Kong, as well as much of Asia, burning incense is done by worshippers as an offering with the belief that it attracts attention from the Gods or, in some cases, is food for the spirits that have passed prior. When we visited the Man Mo Temple a layer of smoke filled the room and coiled incense hung from the ceiling. Though you can make incense wishes here, we followed a different cloud of smoke to Po Lin Monastery where worshippers were waving their enormous joss sticks. We purchased a bundle of incense at a nearby booth for 20 HKD ($2.50 USD) and made wishes of our own.
incense in Hong Kong

11. Get Your Fortune Told

After you have done your shopping at the Temple Street Market, pay a visit to the late night fortune tellers near Tin Hau Temple. There are about a dozen, some English speaking, that will enlighten you about the future.
Hong Kong Itinerary Fortune Teller
photo credit | f8Bthere

12. Eat at the Cheapest Michelin Starred Restaurant in the World

Tim Ho Wan is a hole-in-the-wall dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong that gained recognition after receiving a coveted Michelin star and therefore being known as one of the cheapest Michelin starred restaurants in the world. And it is cheap. Really cheap. Though they are well known for their pork buns, all their food is quite tasty.
Tim ho Wan

13. Stroll Through the Goldfish Market

Hong Kong’s Goldfish Market is a quirky line of shops that cater to the locals and their Feng Shui lifestyle. Aquariums equal good luck in the Asian culture, fish symbolize good fortune and water attracts energy of wealth and abundance. This market is devoted to selling an array of interesting fish and their accessories. Even if you won’t be shoving an aquarium in your carry-on luggage, it is worthy of a spont on the “Things to do in Hong Kong” list.
Hong Kong Goldfish Market

14. Dine at a Floating Restaurant

The Jumbo Kingdom Floating Restaurant is an ornamental restaurant that floats. Duh. The eatery was built in the style of of an exquisite Chinese imperial palace. While you are there you may as well order the signature dish, the Flamed Drunken Shrimp which is prepared right in front of you.
Things to do in Hong Kong - jumbo floating restaurant
photo credit | Arthur Chapman

15. Go to the Horse Races on Wednesday

Head to the Happy Valley Racecourse for the uber trendy Happy Wednesdays. On this weekday evening the racecourse has great food, drinks and entertainment, all while being able to bet on the ponies. Each Wednesday is a different theme, such as Wines of the Valley. Could that be any more perfect?

16. Eat Dinner in the Dark

At Hong Kong’s Dialogue in the Dark you have the opportunity to take a culinary journey where blind waiters serve a meal in complete darkness. A perfect way to challenge your taste buds!

17. Drink Trendy Cocktails

As previously mentioned, Hong Kong has some killer food concepts, and the same goes for drinks. Quinary is a swanky place for pre-dinner cocktails where they concoct creative beverages like an Earl Grey Caviar Martini. I had their refreshing Oolong Tea Collins.
quinary hong kong quinary hong kong

18. Take the Stairs

You have not fully experienced the “Things to do in Hong Kong” list unless you have walked up a set of some of the steepest stairs you have ever seen. It is a hilly city. Though there are many inclines around, Ladder Street from Queen’s Road Central to Cain Road is amongst the most impressive…and painful.
hong Kong Stairs

19. Take a Tai Chi Class

Tai Chi is a gentle form of martial arts known to be a big part of Chines culture. Three mornings a week you can take a free introductory Tai Chi Class to get acquainted with this craft.
tai chi
photo credit | Hong Kong Tourism

Which of these adventures will be on your Things to do in Hong Kong bucket list?


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