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Take a Junk Boat Ride Through Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour

Seeing the Symphony of Lights was on my Hong Kong bucket list, mostly because I think light shows are cool, even without mind altering hallucinogens. Riding on a traditional Chinese junk boat in Asia also made the growing list. Boats are cool too.

The famous Symphony of Lights laser show does a display that runs throughout the skyscrapers along Victoria Harbour, the same body of water that an ancient sailing vessel, a junk boat, tours. Hmm. Wheels are turning in the brain.

Why not take a boat ride at the same time that the light magic happens? No reason. Duh. An example of stellar time management.Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong

Aqua Luna features a traditional junk boat ride through Hong Kong's Victoria Harbor, that also coincides with the Symphony of lights. No brainer.

The meeting point for boarding the ship was a short walk from the Avenue of the Stars, a tribute to the famous in Hong Kong's film industry. A stroll that would be reminiscent to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, except I would recognize ninety percent of the stars in the later and only two in Hong Kong; Bruce Lee and Jackie Chen.

I couldn't resist sticking my hands in those of Jackie Chen. Maybe some of his martial art skill will magically transfer over.
Annette White at Avenue of StarsHong Kong Avenue of StarsStatue at Avenue of Stars

We arrived to the loading pier to catch our buoyant ride. Upon boarding we raced upstairs for prime seats, in the comfy lounge chairs, that came complete with blankets.

We wrapped ourselves up in the blanky, cuddled, listen to soothing background music and ordered our complimentary cocktails. It was romantic. Haven't had that in a while.
Hong Kong Junk Boat

This attraction could have stopped here and I would ave been happy. But, we proceeded to troll the harbour for an hour only stopping to catch the famous light show, which was not quite as impressive as the colorful lights of the fountain of Monjuic in Barcelona, but entertaining nonetheless.

The laser display would have been mediocre minus the junk boat.
Hong Kong Symphone of Lights

Though I wanted to stay longer on the deck of the boat for another glass of red wine, this adventure was over. At least that's what the deck hands said as they were urging me to leave. And they wanted their blankies back. Waa.

Have you seen the Symphony of Lights or taken a ride on a Hong Kong junk boat?


  1. I'm going to have to add this to our Hong Kong itinerary. Thanks for the tips!
    It reminds me a little of the Singapore skyline. There was a laser light water show there, but not up in the air. More like squirting/dancing fountains along the boardwalk as you walked. Very pretty.

    • I think I would have been a bit disappointed with the Symphony of Lights if I wasn’t on a junk boat, but still something worth seeing either way.

  2. Looks like an amazing city that I'd love to check out.  What a skyline!  If I'm fortunate enough to make it there I think I'll stick to the red wine as the hallucinogens may freak me out. :-)

  3. I'm glad it was free, I don't think I would have paid to see it.  They need to work on the music too.

    • Agreed! Though I am happy to be able to say that I saw the Symphony of Lights,but probably wouldn’t do it again. The junk boat on the other hand…loved.

  4. Still haven't made it to Hong Kong, but it sounds like a good time!  You know me….I am all about the bucket list!  Love checking yours out!

  5. I should have done my homework before going to hong kong. I didnt even know you could do this! I also didnt know about the big buddha! Oh well, im sure ill find myself there again.
    These boats look awesome.

    • Big Buddha and the Junk boat are two very good reasons for a return trip to Hong Kong :)

  6. Hmmm, everybody is talking about the junk boat in Hong Kong, however, I have never seen it there. Will definitely have a ride next time I be there.


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