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Zorb Downhill in Barcelona, Spain

"When we are in Barcelona do you want to stuff ourselves inside of an extremely large plastic ball and roll down a fairly steep hill?" I rather innocently inquired about zorbing. Typically, I wouldn't have even asked Peter beforehand, I would simply serve him liquor prior and surprise him with the unique, and sometimes dangerous, adventure I had planned.

But, a zorbing excursion seemed too perilous for a sneak attack. And doing shots of alcohol prior may have a very negative affect.

"Okay". He nonchalantly replied. That was easy, looks like we are going zorbing.

Zorbing is a sport where you roll downhill inside an inflatable orb, typically made of clear plastic.
On the Way to Parc del Forum

On a cool morning we headed to Parc del Forum in Barcelona, at the coastal end of Avenida Diagonal. This is where Spheremania is located, one of the few zorbing companies in the world.

It's a bit tricky to find, you must follow the path uphill, past the large glass building with white diamond stripes. A good indication that you have arrived is seeing the large plastic ball at the top of a significant elevation.

Note: This will not happen when you experience a cancelation due to gusty winds.

The first scheduled day was canceled due to the blowy weather. There was water too close by and even though I'm sure the zorb is buoyant, I was grateful for the concern of our safety.

We came back the next afternoon, when it was virtually windless and we spotted the half inflated ball (or half deflated ball, depending on how you look at it). Phew. This was actually going to happen.
Parc del Forum Boats Spotting Spheremania Zorbing

The cordial and engaging owners, Davide and Anna, hoisted the zorb up the ramp. It looked painstaking to me, then again, there is no definition in my biceps.

I pondered asking to touch their arm muscles, but figured that would be inappropriate. Right?
The zorb goes up the ramp

This zorb was a dual adventure, meaning two of us rolled together, strapped securely (I checked) into the orb.

See…don't we look confident and smiley prior to rolling down a mountain near very deep water? That's all for show.
 Annette White is strapped into zorb
Annette White zorbing

Once we were solidly fastened into our locations, the rope was let loose and we started to tumble rapidly down the hill, feeling every bump, especially when our bodies thumped on the ground.

The 45 second experience was terrifying, thrilling and adventurous. All qualities I look for in a good time. If there was a glass of vino and a sampler pintxos plate waiting for me at the end this day would be complete.
Annette White winded after zorbing Getting out of the zorb

After I exited the zorb, slightly dazed, I turned around to take a look at where I had been.

It appeared close and at the same time felt so far.
The Zorbing Ramp

In the end, Peter and I earned our zorbing certificate as proof of our extreme bravery. Or sheer madness, whichever you prefer.
  Peter & Annette White Zorbing Certificate

Have you been zorbing before? Would you ever go?

Disclosure: My zorbing ride was discounted by Spheremania, but all the words I write come straight from my, sometimes distorted, mind. Just as it should be.


  1. I most definitely would Zorb, That totally looks like fun!

  2. I went zorbing in Pigeon Forge, TN, which I think was the first zorbing location in the U.S. Ours was *slightly* filled with water and we were not strapped in so it was…interesting, but really fun!

  3. I've looked into zorbing here in the States.  Like Stef said, I think the closest place to me for zorbing is in Pigeon Forge.  It looks like a blast, although I'd probably end up getting smacked in the face with my own vomit.  

  4. I have not Zorbed yet. I have also never seen it in an urban setting.  Usually it is on a grassy hill.
    Did you bounce of the light poles like a pinball or go right through the middle of them?

  5. I have been wanting to do this! And since apparently I can do it right here in Tennessee, I don't have any excuses :)

  6. I went to the original one in Rotorua, New Zealand.  Absolute blast.  I giggled the entire time.

  7. Oh I would so do this! It looks awesome!

  8. I always wanted to zorb & finally got my chance when we went to New Zealand last year….. & I almost had a panic attack!  They put water in the ball & zip you up in it.  It's so humid, I couldn't breathe & I couldn't see anything!  Still happy I did it though!

  9. This looks awesome! I think I've been zorbing without an inflatable ball all my life. I still like rolling down hills in the grass. If I see a chance to do this, I'm doing it!

    • Ha, ha! I just watched as my niece rolled down a grassy hill, so I will have to let her know that she has been zorbing, sans the orb, too :)

  10. I had no idea they had a location in Barcelona now!

    I went in 2006 30-60 minutes outside of Brisbane. Last I checked that location was no longer open! I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

    • I was happy to hear that there was one in Barcelona, because I know they are rare. So, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity!

  11. I went in Rotorua, New Zealand, in the water kind with two other people. Instead of smacking myself in the arm I just kept smacking into the other people… still fun though! I'd like to try the strapped-in variety.

  12. Sound like you guys had a blast! I 'm so excited to try this. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos with us. 

  13. I have a kids zorb that we use when we go to parks with hills. Even tho its too small for me, I still love it! I never have tried it harnessed so you just roll all over inside. Its fun!!!!!

    • I’ve heard of the ones where you are not harnessed in, maybe I’ll try that next time!

  14. Unfortunately, they are out of business.. :(


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