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Stay at an All White & Mirror Hotel. Barcelona, Spain

When I research hotels, trendy and elegant are always on the top of my list. And price. I don’t want to spend a lot for luxury. I’m not asking too much. Really. I spent days researching lodging in Barcelona, Spain and the winner was The Mirror Hotel in Eixample. A location decked out in pure white and…mirrors. Go figure.

The stark white lobby was a pure contradiction to the Royal Garden Hotel, the traditionally plush London accommodations that I had just arrived from.
Mirror Hotel Lobby

The attendants at the reception were young, friendly and eager to accommodate the new arrivals. All I wanted to do was drop my baggage off in the room and start exploring this magical town in Spain. Quickly.

I grabbed my sleek credit card style key and headed towards the glass elevators.

Passing the monochrome winged men in the sitting room on my way to the lift was disturbingly sexy. Suited business men lounging carefree. Yes, slightly hot.
White Statues at Mirror Hotel White Statue at Mirror Hotel

After exiting the elevator into a sterile hallway, I gazed at the wall with bewilderment, unsure of what to do next. It took a minute to realize that the card had to be swiped to open the doors to the foyer of select rooms.

Once inside the swipe of the card opened the room door too. Very Mission Impossible. Or at least Grey’s Anatomy.
 Door Key at Mirror Hotel

The room was…white. Very white.  I don’t know why I was so surprised.

From the looks of the padding on the wall I wondered if a straight jacket would be hanging on the bathroom door in place of a cushy robe. Nope. Phew.

There was an uncertainty about how a person could possibly sleep sound in this room of purity, but with the cushy bed it wasn’t a problem.
Mirror Hotel Room
 Mirror Hotel Room

The white was broken up by an all-mirror vanity area. They even managed to make the beauty products look institutional.
Mirror Hotel Room Amenities in Mirror Hotel Room

The frosted glass bathroom door was a pleasant break in the monotony. But, the inch gape between the door and the wall was not as delightful. 

Even though I have been married a long time, I don’t want the hubby seeing or hearing my business. Or vice versa.

Mornings at The Mirror Hotel were an unexpected treat.

The continental breakfast was the best I had ever indulged in; charcuterie, house-made jams, crusty breads and fresh juice. A nourishing feast that prepared me for a day of exploration and new experiences.
Charcuterie for Breakfast at Mirror Hotel
Hotel Breakfast at Mirror Hotel Homemade Jam at Mirror Hotel

Would the Mirror Hotel be too trendy for you? What is the most modern hotel you have ever stayed in?

Disclosure: My stay was partially sponsored by the The Mirror Hotel, but all the words I write come straight from my, sometimes distorted, mind. Just as it should be.


  1. It looked like a fun place but I couldn't say it looked very soothing. Now the breakfast!

  2. The breakfast buffet was AMAZING!

  3. Wow, you were not kidding! A bit too trendy for my needs but might be fun to visit for a small amount of time.

  4. For me, it’s always fun to stay at new & different places, but I had never slept at some place so modern!

  5. I would stay there just for the breakfast.  The  Eixample is my favorite area of Barcelona.  I could spend months exploring that area.

  6. The Eixample are was lovely, packed with unique shops and delicious restaurants.

  7. Imagine showering and using the toilet with a door like that when sharing with friends and acquaintances?  I just don't understand….did they run out of money for the rest of the door?

  8. I am sure it was meant to be uber-trendy, but it made me a bit uncomfortable.

  9. The breakfast seems to make everything else not matter! Are you still in Barcelona? I will be there on Saturday! We rented an apartment with housetrip though, so no trendy hotels for us! 

  10. Unfortunately, I’m not in Barcelona any longer. I wish I was, itd be fun to meet up for a Sangria :)

  11. I liked it. I'd definitely go. In fact, I'll try to remember this if I ever get to Spain (which I should put on my bucket list).

  12. Spain should absolutely be on your bucket list!

  13. Like you, I put a lot of effort into researching my hotel picks too (I figure it's part of the whole travel experience) In my case, I'd like this hotel for 1 night, but that would be my limit for the year. It certainly was interesting, but I prefer less gimmicky places overall.
    Still, great find!

  14. I usually try to find the most unique places and I absolutely achieved that!

  15. This looks like a place that I would fall in love with (minus the bathroom door issue)! I'm obsessed with all white interiors. 

  16. The Mirror Hotel did tweet me and say that the bathroom door was fixed. YAY!

  17. I'd stay there for the breakfast alone! You had me with charcuterie. ;)

  18. The charcuterie was such a pleasant surprise. Much better than the typical sliced deli meats at continental breakfasts!


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