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New Blog Business Cards

I had resorted to scribbling my website URL on cocktail napkins, the back of a Whole Foods receipt and even the palm of someone's hand. This was starting to get embarrassing. I needed some blog business cards. ASAP.

It was about time to at least appear to be a professional.

Though I had heard several bloggers talking about Moo business cards, which looked amazing, I chose to go with Vistaprint. Mostly, because I have been using them for years and felt comfortable with their product. 
Bucket List Journey Blog Business Cards

There are tons of designs to choose from or you can upload your own .pdf of something you created. Since I used to be a graphic designer in, what seems like, a former life, I designed my own artwork for my blog business cards.

You put a picture of yourself on your card? Yep. For consistency, I wanted my cards to be representative of what my blog looks like; same design, typeface, verbiage and photos. Also, I'm hoping that in a conference setting it may help tourism boards and pr representatives to remember me.
Bucket List Journey Blog Business cards

After much contemplation, I left off my facebook page and telephone number. I suppose I can revert to my old unprofessional self and scribble those on a coaster.

These 250 cards cost $49.26. This included shipping, my own artwork upload and full color on the second side. Otherwise, the total would have been about $20.

Do you have blog business cards? What information did you include?



  1. I don't have business cards for my blog but, like you, I think they would be useful to pass on my email address and URL (usually to other travellers). I probably would also include the FB page details. However, I don't run my blog as a business so they would technically only be 'contact' cards rather than business cards so I don't know whether it would be a bit pretentious for me to have them?

    • For me, I had been in some situations where I felt like someone would take my blog more seriously if I handed them a business card even though blogging is technically not my “day job”. I am really proud of the work I have put into it and want to see how far I can take it, this was my next step.

      So far, i have felt pretty good about handing them out, and if it ever gets “weird” i will revert back to scribbling my url on scratch paper :)

  2. Nice cards. Can't say I have had too much need to give cards out (Project 183 is a pretty easy thing to search for on Google to get to my blog), but I like what you have created.

  3. This is a genius idea! I never thought of this before. I'd love to have something like this to give out…but hopefully my blog can get a little bigger first :)

    • I definitely feel more professional and am looking forward to taking them to the travel & adventure show next week!

  4. Wow that looks really good!  I just use Vistaprint's free business cards since I really have no intention of really publicizing my site to millions  (I even have it blocked from search engines, and use my initials as my internet name since my real name is so easy to search).  I've had weird people I hardly know, and patients and their families google me in the past and find past websites I've had, so I gotta stay semi-private for that reason.  Now I just pass it out to people I know aren't crazy.  :)
    I really love the fonts you use!

    • Totally understand, there is some “crazy” out there :)

  5. I love love love these business cards! I've used Vistaprint before for designing invitations, business cards etc and they have yet to leave me dissatisfied.
    My blog isn't nearly big enough for business cards, but something I had thought about doing was getting some custom pens with my URL on them. Then I could randomly leave them everywhere- kinda like tangible spamming! It wouldn't be really toward a targeted audience though, so I have yet to do it.
    I agree with you on leaving the Facebook off. Facebook seems to be more personal than business related.

    • Oooh, love the the idea about leaving pens in random places! Might have to steal that one ;)

  6. They look awesome, love them! Now like us, you just need to start attending events where you can hand them out! Haha.
    We added our Facebook Fan Page to our business cards but definitely wouldn't add our personal accounts. Here is a link to ours if you wanted to compare:

    • Your biz cards look great! I know, I need to get my butt to some shows. I will be attending the San Francisco Travel & Adventure show next week. Maybe I can get rid of a few there ;)

  7. Nice cards – reflects perfectly on your blog!  Haven't got cards at the moment, although it has been suggested.  Something to look into.

    • I think it’s nice to have some handy, just in case ;)

  8. These are FABULOUS!!!!!!!

  9. Fancy! I've never really considered using business cards. In fact, I usually try not to talk about my blog b/c I figure most people would just think it's silly. But I have used Vistaprint and I've always been pleased with their service. Go get 'em, girl!

    • They only think it’s silly because they don’t understand how really cool bucket listers are ;)

  10. I've never really thought of having a business card for my blog but it does make sense – What are you going to use yours for?
    They look cool and definitely a true representation of your blog :-)
    L x

    • I am planning on attending a few blogging conferences that I hope they will be useful for. Also, I plan on giving them to anyone who asks “how can I find your blog” ;)

  11. I use stickers rather than business cards. You'll find them on the walls of ruin pubs in Budapest!

  12. I'm surprised by how often someone asks for my card–got mine from vistaprint, too, and also paid extra for color on the reverse side, which reads only: "Why Not?". 

    • “Why Not?” That’s perfect and says it all!!

  13. OOOOH I love!! x

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