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Wear Nasty Hats and Eat Crispy Alligator at Dick’s Last Resort

I will admit that I am a snobby restaurant diner. Typically, cheesy gimmicks will not work for me. Neither does a $2.99 grand slam breakfast. And that's why it is ironic that I ended up dining at Dick's Last Resort in San Antonio, Texas with fried alligator. Truly the last resort. 

I will admit that I was lured in by the offerings of eating crispy alligator and wearing nasty paper hats. It was bucket list worthy. Probably.

We were greeted at the door by this sign. Perfect.
Sign at Dick's Last Resort

The menu was housed in a tin can and I immediately grabbed it, eager to find out what I would be wasting my cash on.

Something fried, battered or slathered?

The waiter came over and spewed out a few of his best insults, that's their shtick. I insulted back and placed my high in calorie, filled with protein order. Crispy alligator bites ($6.99) and a chicky caesar salad ($8.99). They had fry'd pickles too, but I had gotten my fix earlier at Esquire Tavern.
Menu at Dick's Last Resortalligator menu

In the meantime…
Every customer gets their own nasty hat. And they are funny. And a bit crude.
Annette White in Paper Hats at Dick's Last ResortPaper Hats at Dick's Last Resort

The alligator arrived with a side of chipotle ranch and could have easily been mistaken for a chicken nugget. Tasted like one too.
Cristy Alligator

The rest of our meal was not as exciting as the gator…or the obscene paper hats.
Caesar Salad at Dick's Last ResortBurger at Dick's

This was the flip-side of my 5-hour, 5-star meal at the Ritz Carlton in Lake Tahoe.

My Dick's experience would not have been complete without eating alligator, wearing a paper hat or this Mount Dickmore coaster. I took it home. The coaster, not the hat.
Unique Coaster in San Antonio

What's the cheesiest restaurant you have ever been to? Have you eaten alligator before?


  1. I have yet to try alligator. Right now, I'm thinking about going to a rattlensnake festival and want to try fried rattlesnake though. Maybe they're somewhat similar. I hear both kind of taste like chicken.

    • Rattlesnake is still on my list. It would be perfect to try it at a rattlesnake festival!

  2. I remember walking past Dick's in San Antonio – it looked like a fun place but you definitely have to be in the right mood for it!

    • You definitely need to be in the right mood, like after a couple of shots of tequila ;)

  3. That sounds like an epic joint!

  4. I almost took my hubby here over Thanksgiving but I was afraid he just wouldn't get it LOL.

    • Hee…hee! My husband got it, but said he doesn’t need to get it again ;)

  5. I went to the Dick's in Myrtle Beach when I was in 8th grade… Not gonna lie, that place scarred me haha! I would love to go back again though now that I'm older.

    • It would have freaked me out at that age, too young for insults and alligator ;)

  6. I feel like I have tried it as a child, but I could just be dreaming. :-) I should really ask my mom if I was awake for that one.

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